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Veggie Tales: Silly Sing-along 2

Reviewed by: Tim Emmerich

Moral Rating: Excellent!
Moviemaking Quality:
Primary Audience: Kids
Genre: Animation
Length: 30 min.
Year of Release: 1998
USA Release:
Bob and Larry
Featuring Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber, and others
Distributor Big Idea Productions

Could this be the “end of silliness” as we know it?

Veggie Tales’ latest musical video compilation is a resounding success! Even though most of the “Silly Songs with Larry” are repeats from earlier videos, they are stitched together with a compelling story line that was started in the “Madame Blueberry” episode. There is even a new musical short included.

For the dedicated fans, you will remember that Archibald Asparagus had canceled the infamous “Silly Songs with Larry!” segments from the show. Archibald claimed that the segments did not have the quality that the audience had come to expect. The problems started brewing during “The Song of the Cebu” in which there was technical difficulties with the slide projector. Also, Archibald wasn’t pleased with Larry’s definition of a multimedia presentation (slides being shown on the back of a sheet just does not seem to make the cut).

This second installment of the Sing-Along covers over 10 videos including “Promised Land,” “Keep Walking!,” “The StuffMart Rap,” and “His Cheeseburger.” You will be stupefied by the silliness!

While maybe not as enjoyable as a regular Veggie Tale video, it sure is nice to see the words to all those songs (they put the words on the bottom of the screen as they are being sung). Excellent animation! Great music and story telling!

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