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The Turkish version of ChristianAnswers.net is produced with the assistance of volunteer translators.

The best way to send us translations is as follows:

For HTML pages—Download the source code from our Web site. Edit the .html page in a text editor—replacing all English words with Turkish. Where necessary, be sure to use the appropriate HTML codes for certain characters (supplied in the table at right). Send the finished file to us as an ATTACHMENT, not as part of the e-mail message itself. This prevents corruption in transmission and incompatabilities between e-mail programs.

Be sure to save a copy for yourself in case the file does not transmit properly.

Acrobat files (pdf)—Download the page and copy and paste the English text into a text editor such as Microsoft Word. Replace the English text with Turkish. Send the resulting .doc file to us as an attachment, then we can convert this into what we need to make the new pdf file.


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