Dale and Karen Mason are serious about helping families to unleash the joy that knowing God can bring! They believe this joy "can be most thoroughly experienced when we, as adults, are living and leading according to the guidelines of God's word." They write to help equip families toward that end.

As parents of four "media-hungry" children of their own, Dale and Karen have had to deal head on with the problems that poorly managed TV (and other cyber-media) can cause. Through Dale's position as an executive in a Christian media ministry, and Karen's experience as both a former public school educator and now a home-school mother, they bring unique insights and helpful ideas into an area that has become “sacred” in all too many Christian households.

Dale and Karen Mason have appeared on numerous nationally syndicated radio and television programs, including: "Point of View" with Marlin Maddoux, "Parent Talk" with Randy Carlson and Dr. Kevin Leman, "The Art of Family Living" with Dr. John Neider, "Truths That Transform" with Dr. D. James Kennedy, and both the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) and the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN).

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