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America’s Godly Heritage

Closed Captioned
60 minutes
Age Level:
Adults & teens

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America’s Godly Heritage

Featuring David Barton

This video clearly sets forth the beliefs of many of the famous Founding Fathers concerning the proper role of Christian principles in education, in government, and in the public affairs of the nation. The beliefs of Founders like George Washington, John Adams, John Jay, Thomas Jefferson, James Wilson, George Mason, John Quincy Adams, and many others are clearly presented.

America’s Godly Heritage also provides excerpts from court cases showing that for 160 years Christian principles were part of official American public life. You’ll see numerous charted statistics showing what has happened to America since the courts have begun rejecting the Founders' beliefs.

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America’s Godly Heritage is an excellent primer for those who want to know more about what was intended for America by the Founders and what can be done to return America to its original guiding philosophy. This video is ideal for sharing with home gatherings, church groups, and Sunday school classes, or to use as a history supplement for children or schools.

Noted historian David Barton shows that the current “separation of church and state” would appall America’s Founding Fathers since almost all strongly believed the nation could only succeed if founded on Christ and the Bible. Tragically, America’s true heritage has been stricken from current history books and revisionist history is mis-educating modern Americans regarding the true character of this nations former leaders. Use America’s Godly Heritage to reveal the facts that the “politically correct” crowd would rather you never knew! Includes colorful charts and illustrations.

DAVID BARTON is the founder of Wallbuilders, an organization dedicated to restoring America’s religious, moral and Constitutional foundations. As stated by George Washington, David believes that, “The propitious smiles of heaven can never be expected on a nation which disregards the eternal rules of order and right which heaven itself has ordained.”

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front coverAmerica’s Godly Heritage

Closed captioned. There are no other special features on this DVD.

DVDClosed Captioned
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