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Front cover: Countdown to Eterntity

74 minutes
Age Level:
Adults & teens
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Countdown to Eternity

The Bible authenticates that it alone transcends time and space. No other book dares to establish its credibility by telling the future in advance.

Countdown to Eternity is a high quality film production, ideal for reaching your unsaved friends and family!

For a very long time there has not been such an exciting and EFFECTIVE WITNESSING TOOL available to show family, friends and those interested in the important questions and eternal issues. The Countdown to Eternity uses current footage and research to examine and present a provocative look at the “signs of the times.”

The Bible is authenticated through the fulfillment of prophecy. No other book can truthfully make the claim of foretelling the future with 100% accuracy. The Bible transcends time and space and stands above all the other books that have ever been written. What does the future hold? Find out for yourself?

Exciting things are happening! A message of hope and salvation!

A fascinating look at the biblical signs of the times which indicate Christ’s Second Coming. Also shows that the Bible has been authenticated through the fulfillment of past prophecy.

This film is a powerful soul-winning tool that has already won the hearts of thousands of unbelievers and skeptics.

The Bible lays out mankind’s destiny in the last days! Are you prepared?

Have you seen this film? If so, tell us what you liked or didn’t like about it… or how you have put this movie to use. We may publish your comments on the movie review page for this title.

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“I don’t say this lightly, but this is one of the most powerful and compelling examples of biblical authentication through prophecy that I’ve ever seen. It is a MUST for every Christian library.”
—Roger Oakland (author and speaker), Understanding the Times

Countdown to Eternity is one of the finest feature videos ever released which deals with the dramatic fulfillments of Bible prophecy in our generation. It is powerfully written, packed with visuals that augment the points under discussion, and all work together to make this one of the most persuasive Bible prophecy videos available today.”
—Arno Froese, President of Midnight Call

Item Price each
Front cover: Countdown to EterntityCountdown to Eternity

  • Chapter divisions
  • Bonus short: “The Good Test”
  • Booklet: 101 Last Days Prophecies
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