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This word is used to refer to…

  1. the Holy Land (Ex. 15:17; compare Ps. 114:2)

  2. the temple (1 Chr. 22:19; 2 Chr. 29:21)

  3. the tabernacle (Ex. 25:8; Lev. 12:4; 21:12)

  4. the holy place, the place of the Presence (Greek: hieron, the temple-house; not the naos, which is the temple area, with its courts and porches), Lev. 4:6; Eph. 2:21, Revised Version, marginal note

  5. God's holy habitation in heaven (Ps. 102:19).

In the final state, there is properly “no sanctuary” (Rev. 21:22), for God and the Lamb “are the sanctuary” (Revised Version, “temple”). All is there hallowed by the Divine Presence; all is sancturary.