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Where can you find free biblical answers to tough and important questions 24-hours a day? Where can you find a safe harbor for your kids on the Net… a place where they will be entertained and educated without being fed junk food from the world’s perspective? Where can you find Christian reviews on current secular and Christian movies and videos? The answer is -the Christian Answers Network on the World Wide Web (https://ChristianAnswers.Net). The ChristianAnswers.Net provides all of this and more in one location! High quality, accurate, creative and informative, we recommend that you make use of this valuable new resource.

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Try this great new resource on the World Wide Web! (URL address: https://ChristianAnswers.Net) ChristianAnswers.Net is a “mega-site” featuring answers on numerous contemporary biblical and Christian topics, activities, various evangelical ministries, Christian movie reviews, and much more.

Written Announcement #3
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Millions of people do not feel comfortable talking to others about spiritual questions or their doubts about the Bible and Christianity. Where can these needs be met right—in the convenience and privacy of your own home or office, 24-hours a day? The Christian Answers Network, found at “https://ChristianAnswers.Net”. Answers to tough questions about family and marriage issues, Christian theology, religions and cults, Bible archeology, government and social issues, and creation/evolution are discussed. The Christian Answers Network is an excellent resource for believers who want to find conservative, reliable answers to their questions, even questions about what current movies are suitable for viewing! Pastors, teachers, Sunday school leaders, concerned laypersons, homeschool parents and students can all benefit from this information, presented free of charge via the World Wide Web.

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Ever had a nagging question on your mind late in the evening, and no convenient source for an answer? You’re just aching for the answer, but you just can’t find it. Well if you have access to the Internet, there is now a great place to go for Christian answers 24 hours a day. And its all free. A growing list of respected Christian ministries have joined together to tackle tough questions about life and the Christian faith. It’s thought-provoking, educational, and entertaining for the entire family. The address is “ChristianAnswers.Net”.

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For you who have access to the Internet, here is something I think you should take advantage of—the Christian Answers Network. It is a highly-popular, conservative, evangelical World Wide Web site that is filled with valuable resources for Christians. It supplies biblical answers to a growing number of contemporary questions. There are a wide range of topics, such as family and marriage issues, Christian theology, religions and cults, Bible archaeology, government and social issues, and creation/evolution.

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The address is “ChristianAnswers.Net”—that’s all one word—“Christian” “Answers” DOT “Net”.

This award-winning site is a great resource for your personal Bible study, building parenting skills, home schooling, marriage enrichment, youth work and more… It also includes the most popular Christian movie review site on the Web called Christian Spotlight on the Movies. It offers candid, concise reviews of today’s movies and videos from a Christian perspective. Young people will love the site’s Kid Explorers section which presents educational information in an entertaining and attractive way—including all kinds of activities, colorings pages, sounds, Bible quizzes and more. If you have access to the Internet, I suggest you take advantage of it. All the information is free. The address again is “ChristianAnswers.Net.”

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