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Dear Visitor,

Many people are so excited about the free information and education ministry of ChristianAnswers.Net that they have asked for publicity materials and other helps. Here you will find easy-to-use resources to help spread the word about this fast-growing, nondenominational Web site. As a non-profit ministry with limited financial resources, we need the assistance of friends like you to spread the word about this FREE ministry.

Ways you can help…

  1. Do you have a Web site? Please consider linking to us. We make it easy with the Webmaster Courtesy page.

  2. PRINTABLE POSTER. Print our poster and place it in a prominent public place. Suggested locations: Church bulletin boards, Sunday school rooms, offices, computer stores, Christian schools, bookstores, coffeehouses, schools, colleges, etc. Can also be printed and shrunk on a copier to accommodate church bulletins and more.

  3. ANNOUNCEMENT SHEET. This provides pre-written ideas on how to easily prepare an announcement for your church bulletin, newsletter, or other publication. Also use it to make verbal announcements. This makes it simple for pastors, speakers, and chair persons to make quick public announcements about these great free resources. The sheet includes basic facts about ChristianAnswers.Net.

  4. BASIC INFORMATION—a page that provides a basic explanation of what the Christian Answers Network is about (mission statement and general description).

  5. TEAM MEMBER INTRODUCTION. A brief sketch of each team member organization and what they provide to the Christian Answers Network and the general public.

  6. EXAMPLES OF QUESTIONS ANSWERED. Here are some of the questions tackled on ChristianAnswers.Net relating to Creation/Evolution & Science, Archaeology and the Bible, Government & Social Issues, Religions, Family & Marriage, Christian Theology & the Bible, and Youth Issues.

Thanks for joining with us in glorifying our God (Creator and Redeemer) via The Information Superhighway.

Yours in Christ,

Paul S. Taylor
Executive Director

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“…Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect…” I Peter 3:15

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