Christian Answers Network
Team Member Organizations

Each team member ministry provides the public with free, accurate and succinct biblical answers to questions commonly asked by people of all ages.

The overriding emphasis is MINISTRY, pure and simple.

Films for Christ
A non-profit ministry headed by Executive Director Paul Taylor, producing films, videos, and literature. Films for Christ is the producer of the Christian Answers Network.

AIIA Institute
An apologetics and worldview training organization that exists to persuade people from all walks of life of Christian truth. AIIA holds seminars and publishes a monthly thoughtletter entitled Areopagus Proclamation.

Answers in Genesis
A popular Creation seminar ministry, featuring Ken Ham, producing video and audio programs, creationist books, a monthly newsletter and Creation Ex Nihilo, a quarterly magazine.

Associates for Biblical Research
Under the direction of Dr. Bryant Wood, specializing in archaeological field research and publication. ABR publishes the quarterly magazine Bible and Spade.

Creation Research Society
An international, professional organization of trained scientists and interested laypersons who are firmly committed to scientific special creation. / Publishes a quarterly journal and books.

Ray Comfort, Living Waters
Ray is a seasoned and widely-recommended evangelist, a creative and prolific author, and popular speaker. He assists ChristianAnswers with content related to personal soul-winning and evangelism training.

Dawson McAllister Association
Featuring the highly popular student-oriented radio program, Dawson McAllister Live!, Shepherd Productions exists to provide America’s students and teenagers whatever they need to become healthy citizens in the Kingdom of God.

Assistance has also been provided by such people and organizations as Bill Perkins, Concerned Christians, Grace Communications (Bruce Dunn), and WallBuilders (David Barton).

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