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Hebrew: גְּדֵרָה —transliteration: Gederah —meaning: wall; the fortress; a fortified place —occurrences: 2 times (uGederah and wəhagGəḏêrāh)

also known as: Geder and Gederoth

This is a city with nearby villages in the plain (shephelah) of the tribe of Judah (Joshua 15:36).

Gederah is a very common Canaanite and Phoenician name. It is the feminine form of Geder (Joshua 12:13 KJV). The plural form is Gederoth (Joshua 15:41 KJV).

First Chronicles mentions it in connection with some royal potters.

These were the potters and the inhabitants of Netaim and Gederah; they lived there with the king for his work. —1 Chronicles 4:23

This place has by some been identified with Jedireh, a ruin 9 miles from Lydda, toward Eleutheropolis, and 4 miles north of Sur'ah (Zorah), in the valley of Elah.

Article Version: July 27, 2021