Meaning: habitations

(2 Chronicles 26:7; Revised King James Version: “Meunim,” Vulgate: Ammonitae)

a people against whom Uzziah waged a successful war

This word is in Hebrew the plural of Ma'on, and thus denotes the Maonites who inhabited the country on the eastern side of the Wady el-Arabah. They are again mentioned in 1 Chronicles 4:41 (Revised King James Version), in the reign of King Hezekiah, as a Hamite people, settled in the eastern end of the valley of Gedor, in the wilderness south of Israel. In this passage the King James Version has “habitation,” erroneously following the translation of Luther.

They are mentioned in the list of those from whom the Nethinim were made up (Ezra 2:50; Neh. 7:52).