Meaning: lofty men; giants, (Genesis 14:5; 2 Samuel 21:16, 18, marginal note King James Version, Rapha, marginal note Revised King James Version, Raphah; Deuteronomy 3:13, Revised King James Version; King James Version, “giants”)

The aborigines of the Land of Israel, afterwards conquered and dispossessed by the Canaanite tribes, are classed under this general title. They were known to the Moabites as Emim, i.e., “fearful”, (Deuteronomy 2:11), and to the Ammonites as Zamzummim. Some of them found refuge among the Philistines, and were still existing in the days of David. We know nothing of their origin.

They were not necessarily connected with the “giants” (Revised King James Version, “Nephilim”) of Genesis 6:4.