Who is…

Meaning: friend of God

This was the name of three biblical men…

  1. Reuel, a son of Esau and Bashemath (Genesis 36:4, 10; 1 Chronicles 1:35).

  2. Reuel—“The priest of Midian,” Moses' father-in-law (Exodus 2:18) = Raguel (Numbers 10:29). If he be identified with Jethro, then this may be regarded as his proper name, and Jether or Jethro (i.e., “excellency”) as his official title.

    Moses’ father in law is also called Reuel (Exodus 2:18) and Raguel (Numbers 10:29). These are probably two forms of his given name, while the name Jethro was associated with his priestly office (Exodus 18:1)” (Dr. Henry M. Morris, The Defender's Bible).

  3. Reuel, the father of a Gadite captain named Eliasaph, a man mentioned in Numbers 2:14. He is also called Deuel (1:14; 7:42).

Article Version: January 23, 2023