silver in the Bible

Silver was used for a great variety of purposes in Biblical times. It is frequently referenced to in Scripture.

It first appears in commerce in Genesis 13:2; 23:15-16.

It was largely employed for making vessels for the sanctuary in the wilderness (Exodus 26:19; 27:17; Numbers 7:13; 7:19; 10:2).

There is no record of silver having been found in Syria or Israel.

It was brought in large quantities by foreign merchants from abroad, from Spain and India and probably other countries.

Hebrew and Greek words

Hebrew: כֶּסֶף —transliteration: keseph —meaning: silver; or sometimes money —occurrences: 403 times in Scripture —origin: from the word kasaph refers to something that is longed for


ἄργυρος —transliteration: arguros or árgyros —meaning: the metal silver —origin: from argos meaning shining —occurrences: 5

ἀργυροῦς —transliteration: argurous —meaning: made of silver —occurrences: 3

ἀργύριον —transliteration: argurion —meaning: a piece of silver; or something silvery —usage: silver, a piece of silver, a shekel, or money in general —occurrences: 20

δραχμή —transliteration: drachmé —meaning: a Greek coin made of silver —occurrences: 3

ἀργυροκόπος —transliteration: argurokopos —meaning: a silversmith; a beater of silver —occurrences: 1 (see: Demetrius)

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