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November 11, 2005

Dear friends and supporters,

Please pray for the success of these new ministry outreaches…

New Russian Web site opened—The Great Dinosaur Mystery

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Today, most Russians have rejected Communism and are open to new ways of thinking. The question is, how many of these souls will ultimately be lost to materialism, Secular Humanism and atheism?

To help rescue souls for Christ—by answering their searching questions about the Bible’s relevance and accuracy—we are currently expanding our outreach to Russians through the Web. Many new answer pages are being published.

One scientific issue that misleads many people into accepting anti-Christian beliefs is dinosaurs. We are happy to announce that we have nearly completed publication of the world’s largest dinosaur Web site in Russian. The site is full of colorful illustrations and easy-to-understand text explaining how dinosaurs fit into the Bible and history. It also presents the gospel in a way that even a child can understand.

Increasing the site’s interest even more, we have published video streams of our popular motion picture The Great Dinosaur Mystery in the Russian-language. Here are some sample pages…

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New staff member added

David SheleyIt is our pleasure to announce that the Lord has supplied us with a capable new assistant, David Sheley, graduate of Pensacola Christian College (majoring in Science Education). David recently married the oldest daughter of one of our board members, Kenneth Oversby. One of his special interests is child education. His current responsibilities include writing answers for kids, managing translation of our Web pages, and animated computer illustration. Two of his recent articles are shown below…

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Supplying Christian news feeds on various topics

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Did you know that we supply free, syndicated content to over 1200 Web sites worldwide—on a daily, weekly or monthly basis? This includes Christian Answers Questions of the Month, Kids’ Questions of the Month, Latest movie reviews for both adults and kids, Latest Christian reviews of electronic games, and Latest Christian Film News. Learn more at: ChristianAnswers.Net/syndication.html

Prayer Requests

Thank you for your interest in our Savior’s work here!

In Christ’s love,
Paul S. Taylor
Executive Director

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