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Current Evangelism Opportunities

Spanish Correspondence with Inmates

In July of 2002, Mission Network News reported that Crossroad Bible Institute is looking for people who can read and write Spanish to help out in their correspondence program for U.S. prison inmates. Crossroad's David Schuringa. “20-percent of the 2-million inmates in America are of Hispanic origin. We've just launched a Spanish program, and now the Spanish lessons are beginning to pour in and we have a tremendous opportunity for people who can read and write Spanish, you can become an instructor.” See here for more information.

Pen Pal Programs

“A new Bridge Of Friendship has been launched to help link new Christians in Taiwan with believers in North America who can write to them and also help them grow in their faith. The ministry has already received over 75,000 letters from new believers in other countries requesting pen pals from the West to help disciple them.” Other opportunities exist currently for friendships in China and Russia.

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