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How do I witness to my peers when they seem to have knowledgeable answers against all of my beliefs? Answer

“God is all-loving. He would never send me to Hell.”

“Friend, God is not all loving. The Bible doesn’t say he is ‘all loving.’ It says that God is love. He’s not a slave to love. The Bible says that He’s also just, holy and righteous. When people say that God is all-loving, they are implying that God is so loving that He wouldn’t send people to Hell. Let me ask you a question. If a man sexually abused children, tortured them, cut their throats and said that he would do it again if he had half a chance, should a judge punish him? Of course he should. If the judge is a loving man, wouldn’t he still punish that wicked person? Of course, and God will punish all wicked men, even though He is ‘love’.”

Streaming video— 
What is the true nature of God’s love?
John F. MacArthur, Litt.D., D.D., Grace Community Church and The Master’s Seminary
Length: 3 minutes
Streaming video— 
Why it is biblically inaccurate to say,
“God hates the SIN, but loves the SINNER”
Excerpted comments by…
• Dr. R.C. Sproul, Drs., PhD, Ligonier Ministries
• Dr. John MacArthur Jr., Litt.D., D.D., The Master’s University
Video by Truth According to Scripture
Length: 6 minutes

“My god would never send anyone to hell.”

“Do you realize that you are breaking the Second of the Ten Commandments by saying that? You have made a god to suit yourself. Your god would never send anyone to Hell, because he couldn’t. He doesn’t exist. He’s a figment of your imagination. You have made a god you feel comfortable with. I did the same for many years before I became a Christian. You believe that because the god you have conceived in your mind has a low standard of morality. Did you know that the God of the Bible—the God you have to face on the Day of Judgment—commands you to be perfect? He is perfect, and He will judge you with a perfect Law that demands perfection.”

Streaming video— 
“Why Would a God of Love Send Someone to Hell?”
Mark Spence

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Video by Living Waters, a Christian Answers Team Member
Length: 2½ minutes

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“Don’t judge me! The Bible even says ‘Judge not lest ye be judged’.”

The world often takes this verse (out of its context) and uses it to accuse Christians of being “judgmental” when they speak of sin. In the context of the verse Jesus is telling His disciples not to judge one another, something the Bible condemns (see John 21:21-23, Romans 14:10, and James 4:11). He speaks of seeing a speck in a brother’s eye. In John 7:24 He said, “Do not judge according to appearance, but judge with righteous judgment.” If a man steals, lies, commits adultery or murder, etc., the Christian can make a (righteous) moral judgment and say that the actions were morally wrong, and that these sins will have eternal consequences. Chuck Colson said: “True tolerance is not a total lack of judgment. It’s knowing what should be tolerated—and refusing to tolerate that which shouldn’t.”

Streaming video— 
“Is It Wrong to Judge?”
Ray Comfort and Mark Spence
Video by Living Waters, a Christian Answers Team Member
Length: 2 minutes

“God made me like this. Sin is His fault!”

If this argument won’t work in a civil court, it certainly won’t work on Judgment Day. Even with today’s crafty defense lawyers, it would take a rather moronic judge to fall for the old “God made me do it” defense. We are responsible moral agents. The “buck” stopped at Adam. He tried to blame both God and Eve for his sin, and it didn’t work.

Streaming video— 
“Is Sin God’s Fault?”
Mark Spence — Display video text »
Video by Living Waters, a Christian Answers Team Member
Length: 2 minutes

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  • Did God make the world the way it is now? What kind of world would you create? Answer

  • Learn about the fall of mankind to worldwide depravity

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“Religion has caused more wars than anything else in history.”

It is true that sinful people have used religion for political gain. Hitler had “God with us” engraved on the belts of Nazi soldiers. America said, “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.” The law may even allow you to start the Christian Nazi Party, if you so desire. You can become a “reverend” for a few dollars through the tabloid classifieds and then further your political agenda with the world’s blessing, no matter how much it smears the name of Christ. If Jesus told His followers to love their enemies, and someone puts a knife into someone’s back in the name of Christianity, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that something isn’t quite right. If we human beings can detect it, how much more will God? He will deal with it on Judgment Day.

Streaming video— 
“Does Christianity Cause Wars?”
Ray Comfort and Mark Spence

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Video by Living Waters, a Christian Answers Team Member
Length: 2 minutes

“How can you say that Jesus it the only way to God? How arrogant!”

“If I told you that there were other ways I would be lying to you. While you may think I am full of hatred or have no respect for other religions, we must look at what the Bible teaches. The Bible says, ‘Neither is there salvation in any other. There is no other name under Heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.’ Even if those of other faiths are sincere, what would happen if I sincerely believed that I was on a plane flying to Hawaii, but in truth I was heading for Afghanistan? You are forgetting that someone can be sincerely wrong. The only way to God is through Jesus Christ. There is one mediator between man of God, the Man Christ Jesus. Here’s the Big difference between Christianity and other religions.

Jesus said, ‘The Son of Man has power on Earth to forgive sins.’ No religion can forgive sin—only Jesus …because of the Cross. The Bible also says ‘Nor is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under Heaven given among men by which we must be saved’ (Acts 4:12), ‘For there is one God and one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus’ (1 Timothy 2:5).

Do I believe they will go to Hell because of being a different religion? Only if they have broken the Commandments. If they are perfect in thought, word and deed on the Day of Judgment, they will be fine. If they have lied, stolen, lusted, fornicated, etc. they will be in big trouble—no matter how religious they are. The Bible says, ‘Whoever transgresses, and abides not in the doctrine of Christ, has not God.’

You preach tolerance of other religions, but do you practice that as well? Are you tolerant about Christianity? Are you tolerant of the claims of Christianity—that Jesus is the only way to God?”

  • I am perfectly content as a non-Christian. I do not believe in an afterlife and would never consider a religion so restrictive and exclusive as Christianity anyway.” Response

  • A Myth?—”I think that the Jesus we see portrayed today is probably the composite of more than one person—and embellished upon, as were King Arthur and Robin Hood.” Answer

  • The Resurrection—“I don’t believe the resurrection is true.” Answer

Claim: “The Bible is full of crazy stories… things that sound like fairy tales on par with Cinderella’s coach turning into a pumpkin at midnight.”

  • “If the Bible is really true (reliable and unique among all the holy books of world religions), where is the archaeological evidence?” Answer

  • “Why should I believe the Bible is true?” Answer

  • “You take everything in the Bible literally. That’s absurd.” Response

  • “Are you implying that it is completely accurate, or does it contain insignificant inaccuracies in details of history and science?” Response

  • “It is ridiculous to claim the Bible is infallible, if it was written by people? Humans are fallible.” Response

Streaming video— 
Is the Bible crazy?
Ray Comfort
Video by Living Waters, a Christian Answers Team Member
Length: 34 minutes
  • “If God created the universe, why do so many scientists believe in Evolution?” Answer

  • Science has disproved Genesis.” Responses

  • “We know that life evolved; there is no creator god.” Response

  • “Science has proved Earth is billions of years old; the Bible is wrong.” Response

  • “The existence of dinosaur fossils disproves the Bible’s Creation story and time chronology.” Response

  • “The Bible is full of contradictions.” Responses

  • “The Bible claims the Earth is flat.” Response

  • “The story of Noah’s flood contradicts scientific knowledge and common sense.” Response

  • “There’s no way all the human races and people of today came from Noah’s little family.” Response

  • What about the Psalm 91 promises, that “…no harm will befall you, no disaster will come near your tent…”? Answer

  • “The Bible says there is a Garden of Eden. No such place exists. If it did, we would have found it long ago.” Response

  • “It is illogical and unscientific to believe that the biblical miracles really happened.” Response

  • “Miracles are impossible.” Response

  • “Science has disproved Jesus’s supposed miracles.” Response

  • “If Christ’s miracles really happened, why weren’t they reported by historians of the time?” Response

Bible Archaeology Creation
For numerous archaeological and scientific evidences for the accuracy of the Bible, see these two large sections of our site. Many skeptical questions answered.

Doubts about God

His Existence | His Nature | His Justice

“So, who made God? Where did he come from?”

To one who examines the evidence, there can be no doubt that God exists. Every building has a builder. Everything made has a maker. The fact of the existence of the Creator is axiomatic (self evident). That’s why the Bible says, “The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God’” (Psalm 14:1).

The professing atheist denies the common sense given to him by God, and defends his belief by thinking that the question “Who made God?” can’t be answered. This, he thinks, gives him license to deny the existence of God. The question of who made God can be answered by simply looking at space and asking, “Does space have an end?” Obviously, it doesn’t. If there is a brick wall with “The End” written on it, the question arises, “What is behind the brick wall?” Strain the mind though it may, we have to believe (have faith) that space has no beginning and no end. The same applies with God. He has no beginning and no end. He is eternal.

The Bible also informs us that time is a dimension that God created, into which man was subjected. It even tells us that one day time will no longer exist. That will be called “eternity.” God Himself dwells outside of the dimension He created (2 Timothy 1:9, Titus 1:2). He dwells in eternity and is not subject to time.

God spoke history before it came into being. He can move through time as a man flips through a history book. Because we live in the dimension of time, logic and reason demand that everything must have a beginning and an end. We can understand the concept of God’s eternal nature the same way we understand the concept of space having no beginning and end—by faith. We simply have to believe they are so, even though such thoughts put a strain on our distinctly insufficient cerebrum.

Read our detailed answer: If God made everything, who made God?

“Seeing is believing—if I can’t see God, why should I believe in Him?”

“So if you can’t see something, you don’t believe it exists? Have you ever seen your brain? We believe in many things that we haven’t see. Have you ever seen the wind? Have you seen history? We see the effects of the wind, but the wind is invisible. We have records of history, but it is by ‘faith’ we believe that certain historical events happened. Television waves are invisible, but an antenna and a receiver can detect their presence. Do you know that you have a receiver? Your ‘receiver’ (your spirit) is dead because of sin (see Ephesians 2:1). You need to be plugged into the life of God, and then you will come alive and be aware of the invisible spiritual realm. Do you think that you have kept the Ten Commandments? etc.”

Read our detailed answer: God existence: How can I know that God exists?

See the many arguments for the existence for God in our Creation SuperLibrary section
  • “The cosmos is all there is; there is no God!” Response

  • If I can’t see God, why should I believe in Him? How can I know that God exists? short answer / more detailed answer

  • “Who made God?” short answer / more detailed answer

  • Why should any one have to accept ancient hearsay as evidence for the existence of a god? Answer

  • Trinity—How can one God be three persons? Answer

  • “If God knows I am hurting, why doesn’t He help me?” Answer

“If God is perfect, why did He make an imperfect creation?”

The Bible tells us that the Genesis creation was “good.” There was no sin and therefore no suffering or death. Why then did God give Adam and Eve the ability to sin, knowing full well that they would sin and bring death and pain to the human race? Some believe that if Adam had been created without the ability to choose, then he would have been a “robot.” A father cannot make his children love him. They choose to love him because they have a free will. Others point out that humanity would never have seen the depth of the love of God, as displayed in the cross, unless Adam had sinned, and that fact could be one reason why God allowed sin to enter the world.

Also see Christian Answers’ Gospel presentation If God is all-knowing, all-powerful, and loving, would He really create a world like this?

“God is unfair if Hitler and a dear old lady (who never accepted Jesus) will both go to Hell.”

Sinners often accuse God of being unjust, because they assume that everyone will receive the same punishment in hell. God’s judgment, however, will be according to righteousness (Acts 17:31). This verse shows that there will be degrees of punishment. See Mark 6:11.

  • “Is God biased? How can He save some and not others?” Answer

  • “How can God be a god of love if there is so much pain and suffering in the world?” Answer

“I’m basically a good person.”

If you can get your listener to admit that they have broken the moral law (ever lied, stolen, etc.) then they will be forced to realize that they are a lawbreaker. Or, if they say they used to break the law but no longer do, mention to them that time doesn’t forgive sin. If a man commits murder on Monday, but on Tuesday he is kind to others, he is still a murderer. If a man lies and steals, unless he comes to the Savior, his sins remain with him until he stands before God in Judgment. See also “How good is good enough?” and “Are you good enough to go to Heaven?

“God made me a homosexual…”

Some homosexuals argue that they did not make a conscious decision to be that way, so it must be natural. They are born that way-just as all of us are born with a sin nature and sinful desires (Ephesians 2:1-3). Tell them that it is natural for them, and for all of us, to be tempted to do things that God says are wrong. In the same way, pedophiles and adulterers (alcoholics, drug addicts, etc.) don’t make a conscious decision to “choose” that self-destructive lifestyle; they simply give in to their sinful desires. However, although sin is natural for unbelievers, that doesn’t mean God wants them to remain that way. God can set them free from their sinful nature (Romans 7:23-8:2), give them new desires (Ephesians 4:22-24), and help them withstand temptations (1 Corinthians 10:13).

Response: “I too was born with homosexual tendencies… I was also born with a tendency to lie, steal, commit adultery and fornicate. It’s called ‘sin’ and it’s in every one of us.” You can then proceed to use the law to awaken the conscience.

The Bible tells us that the Moral Law was made for homosexuals (see 1 Timothy 1:8-10). If you use the Law when you witness to them you won’t even have to touch on their “sexual orientation,” and therefore be accused of hating homosexuals. The Law will show him that he is damned, despite his sexual preference. When he finds a place of true repentance and faith in Jesus, God will take away his unclean spirit and give him a new heart with new desires.

See: Can a gay person go to heaven?

“I was once a ‘born-again’ Christian. Now I believe it’s all rubbish!”

Simply ask him the question, “Did you know the Lord?” If he answers, “I thought I did,” gently say, “So you didn’t. You had a false conversion. You were a stony-ground hearer who received the word with joy and gladness, but in a time of tribulation, temptation and persecution, fell away.” If he answers the question with “Yes,” gently say, “So you admit that He is real and that you are in rebellion to His will.”

What is being born-again? Answer

“Yup, I’ve broken every one of the Ten Commandments.”

Do not take this statement to mean that the person has seen the gravity of their sinful state before God. It is often used as a way of throwing off conviction. Pharaoh said that he had sinned, but his repentance was superficial. Say to him, “Well let’s take the time to go through them one by one and see if you have.”

“God can’t forgive me. I’ve sinned too much!”

Nobody is too big a sinner. The love of God and the sacrifice of Jesus is capable of cleansing the worst of all sin. Even Hitler could have been saved if he would have turned to Christ. You have sinned the same as anyone else. It is just that your sins are yours. They aren’t too big for God to wipe away. Sin has no power over God, only over you. Let me ask you something. Do you think murder and adultery are serious sins? Yes? Well, David, a man in the Bible who was called by God a man after His own heart (Acts 13:22), was a murderer and an adulterer. He even tried to hide his sin from everyone. But God knew his sins and exposed them. David repented and threw himself on the mercy of the Lord. God forgave him and loved him. God loves you and He will forgive you if you put your trust in Jesus and ask Him to forgive you of your sins (Rom. 10:9-10).

“Morality is relative” “There are no absolutes!”

An example conversation:

Larry: “I heard you say that pornography is wrong. I disagree.”

Christian: “Why’s that?”

Larry: “There’s nothing wrong with it.”

Christian: “Do you think child pornography is right or wrong?”

Larry: It’s wrong.”

Christian: “So you have drawn a moral line between what you think is right and what you think is wrong. At what age then does child pornography become respectable pornography? Is it when the child turns 14, 15, 16, 17 years old?”

Larry: “16.”

Christian: “Can’t you see what you are doing? You are judging whether something is morally acceptable by when it gives you pleasure.”

Larry: “But…”

Christian: “God gave you a conscience. You know right from wrong. Isn’t that true?”

Christian: “So if someone steals your wallet you don’t mind because you have no idea what’s right and what’s wrong?”

Larry: “Okay. So I know right from wrong.”

Christian: “You are like a man who has removed the batteries from his smoke detector because he doesn’t want it to alarm him. Listen to your conscience. It is trying to warn you of danger. If you don’t repent and trust the Savior you will end up in Hell. On Judgment Day you will be without excuse. Jesus said, ‘Whoever looks upon a woman to lust after her, has committed adultery already with her in his heart.’ You are in big trouble.”

Those who say that that there are no absolutes are often very adamant about their belief. If they say that they are absolutely sure, then they are wrong because their own statement is an absolute statement. If they are not 100% sure, then there is a chance that they are wrong and they are risking their eternal salvation by trusting in a belief that could be wrong.

“If Christianity is true, why are there so many denominations?”

In the early 1500s, a German monk named Martin Luther was so conscious of his sins, he spent up to six hours in the confessional. Through study of the Scriptures he found that salvation didn’t come through anything he did, but simply through trusting in the finished work of the Cross of Jesus Christ. He listed the contradictions between what the Scriptures said, and what his church taught, and nailed his 95 Theses to the church door in Wittenberg, Germany. Martin Luther became the first to “protest” against the Roman church, and thus he became the father of the Protestant church.

Since that split, there have been many disagreements about how much water one should baptize with, how to sing what and why, who should govern who, etc., causing thousands of splinter groups. Many of these groups are convinced that they are the only ones who are right. These have become known as Protestant “denominations.” Despite the confusion, these churches subscribe to certain foundational beliefs such as the deity, the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Bible says, “…the foundation of God stands sure, having this seal—the Lord knows those that are His” (see 2 Timothy 2:19).


  • All religions are basically the same and different ways to the same end. Why do Christians insist that one must believe in Christ alone to be saved?” Response

  • “You Bible-believing Christians are intolerant of other religions.” Response

  • “Religion has caused more wars than anything else in history.” Response

  • “Christianity is archaic, all religions need to adapt to the 21st century.” Response

  • “Why would I want to be a Christian when there are so many hypocrites?” Answer

  • “If Christianity is true, why are there so many denominations?” Answer

  • “With so many denominations and religions, how could I ever decide which are true and which are false?” Answer

  • “How can you legitimately claim that the Bible is truly the final authority in all matters of faith and morals?” Answer

Jesus Christ

  • “Jesus is a myth.” Response

  • ACCURACY—“I don’t believe the Bible records an accurate history of Christ’s life.” Response

  • The virgin birth is mythological and scientifically impossible.” Response

  • “It is ridiculous to believe that the man Jesus is God.” Response
  • “Science has disproved Jesus’s supposed miracles.” Response

  • “If Christ’s miracles really happened, why weren’t they reported by historians?” Response

  • “How do you expect people to believe that one God can be three persons?” Response

  • Why shed blood? What’s so important about Christ dying and supposedly rising from the dead, anyway?” Response

  • “If Jesus was the Son of God, why did He call Himself the Son of Man?Response

  • The Jesus Seminar proved that much of what Christians believe about Jesus and the Gospels is wrong.” Response

  • “The Bible claims that Jesus sweat blood, that’s medically impossible.” Response

  • “I’ve heard that Jesus went to India and taught different doctrines there.” Response

Disbelief in the Resurrection

  • “The resurrection of Jesus is simply a myth.” Response

  • “How do you expect me to believe that Jesus really rose from the dead?” Response

  • “How did Jesus Christ actually die?” Answer

  • What is Roman crucifixion? Answer

  • “The Bible’s account of Christ’s resurrection is full of contradictions.” Response

  • “Christ’s body was simply stolen from His tomb.” Response

  • “It is more likely that Jesus was simply buried in the wrong tomb, or laid in an unknown tomb.” Response

  • Jesus never really died on the cross, it just looked like it. He fainted and was later revived and recovered.” Response

  • “The people that claimed to have seen Jesus rise from the dead were just seeing things or hallucinating.” Response

Jesus Christ: His Identity, Life, Death & Resurrection See our special section about Jesus for many more answers to skeptical questions. GO

Creation’s pain, suffering and imperfection

  • “The world is full of pain, suffering and unending death? No loving God exists. We are on our own.” Response

  • “How can God be a god of love if there is so much PAIN AND SUFFERING in the world?” Response

  • “If God is all-knowing, all-powerful, and loving, would He really create a world like this?” Answer

  • “If God is perfect, why did He make such an imperfect creation?” Response

  • “If God exists, He is distant and uncaring—with no concern about our pain.” Response

  • “If God knows I am hurting, why doesn’t He help me?” Response

  • I’M UGLY. Why was God so unfair to me this way? Response

  • “Why does God allow innocent people to suffer?” Response

  • What about the Psalm 91 promise that “…no harm will befall you, no disaster will come near your tent…”? Response

  • “I am overwhelmed with DEPRESSION.” Response

  • “My life is meaningless, and so is this world. I’m thinking about committing SUICIDE.” Response

  • “Are there biblical examples of DEPRESSION or how to deal with it?” Answer

  • If a Christian commits SUICIDE, will they go to Heaven? Answer

  • “I think I am ADDICTED TO SEX? Does Jesus have answers for me?” Answer

  • “I think I was sexually ABUSED, but I’m not sure. What Is sexual abuse, and what can I do to stop the trauma I am facing now?” Response

Claims about God’s fairness

  • “If both Hitler and dear old ladies both go to Hell, God is unfair.” Response

  • “God’s biased. He is unfair to save only some people, not all.” Response

  • God is all-loving. He would never send me to Hell. Response

  • “My god would never send anyone to hell.” Response

  • “How can you say that Jesus it the only way to God? How arrogant!” Response


  • Morality is relative. There are no absolutes!” Response

  • “I’m basically a good person.” Response

  • “How good is good enough?” Response

  • “Am I good enough to go to Heaven?” Answer

  • “I committed the unforgivable sin, blaspheming the Holy Spirit.” There is no hope for me. Response

  • God made me like this. Sin is His fault!” Response

  • “God made me a homosexual…” Response

  • “Can a Gay person go to Heaven?” Answer

  • “I was once a “born-again” Christian. Now I believe it’s all rubbish!” Response

  • “I’ve broken every one of the Ten Commandments.” Response

  • “Don’t judge me! The Bible even says ‘Judge not lest ye be judged.’” Response



Forgiveness of sin


  • “I believe in reincarnation.” Response

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