How does archaeology conclusively demonstrate the Bible to be reliable and unique among all the holy books of world religions?

Archaeological discoveries verify the historical reliability of the Old and New Testaments.

When compared to other religious books, the Bible is unique in that it is the oldest, as testified by the places, people, titles, and events mentioned in the Bible; and the language and literary formats used to compose the Bible.

Many scholars today question the validity of Biblical accounts, supposedly based on the findings of archaeology. When the “discrepancies” are examined in detail, however it is found that the problems lie with the archaeology (i.e. misinterpretation of evidence, lack of evidence, or poor scholarship) and not with the Bible.

How can archaeology prove helpful to someone seeking for truth to the basic questions about life?

The discoveries of archaeology can be helpful in removing doubts that a person might have about the historical trustworthiness of the Bible. The miracles described, as well as the spiritual message, must be accepted on faith, which is the basis of our relationship with God. When the truth of Scripture is challenged by skeptics, archaeology can be used to demonstrate that the people, places, and events of the Bible are real.

What archaeological discovery would you point to as the most convincing evidence for the Bible being God's Word?

Any one discovery can be explained away as coincidence, or an alternative interpretation can be given to disassociate it from the Bible. It is the weight of a myriad of discoveries that demonstrates the Bible to be the Word of God.

These discoveries fall into three categories:

  1. Archaeological evidence demonstrates the historical and cultural accuracy of the Bible.

  2. The Bible's message of a loving Creator God who interacts in the affairs of mankind and has provided a means of salvation stands in sharp contrast to the pagan fertility religions of the ancient world as, revealed by archaeology.

  3. Archaeological findings demonstrate that the Biblical prophets accurately predicted events hundreds of years before they occurred—something that lies beyond the capability of mere men.

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Author: Bryant G. Wood, Ph.D. of Associates for Biblical Research, as quoted in Areopagus Proclamation, Vol. 13, No. 4, January 2003.

Bryant G. Wood, Ph.D., is Director of Associates for Biblical Research and editor of Bible & Spade journal. He is adjunct professor at a number of educational institutions. He presently continues extensive archaeological field work. He and his wife Faith live in Harrisburg, PA. Dr. Wood has served as an AIIA Resource Associate since March of 1997.

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