What if I don't believe in Hell?

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You probably have purchased some sort of insurance--first, theft, car or personal liability--you name it. Insurance is a multibillion dollar business. But have you ever stopped to think that the whole business is built on the one word--MAYBE. I get my car insured. I'm not looking for an accident. I don't expect one. I'm going to try not to have one, but maybe I will, and it would be awfully nice to be covered. Hospitilizations? You don't expect to be sick, you're not planning to be sick, but maybe you will be, and boy, the hospital will take you to the cleaner if you're not ready.

To the person who finds the whole subject of Hell and judgment distasteful, and who refuses to believe it, even if Jesus Christ taught it, I ask the question: What about that little word “maybe”? Maybe there is a Hell.

“Maybe” your car will have a wreck, and because of the little word “maybe” you'll spend hundreds of dollars on car insurance. And yet you'll walk around town without ETERNAL life insurance. You walk the street, cross the highways, in a world of crime and terrorism and potential accidents all over the place, yet you gamble with eternity! You are living one big risk 24 hours a day! It just doesn't make much sense, does it?

Photo copyrighted. Courtesy of Films for Christ.

If there is no Hell, I've lost nothing; but what a benefit it is just to have the joy of the Lord, to know your sins are forgiven, to go to bed at night and to know that if you don't make it through the night, you'll wake up in Heaven! To have something forever settled. My it's great. That's finished business. Whatever comes my way, "to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord" (2 Corinthians 5:8).

Jesus taught about the reality of the fact of Hell . We may agree on different angles or interpretations in our understanding of it, but I just leave this with you. Our Lord spoke about it in a very unfunny manner. He wept over communities going to judgment. He prayed in Gethsemane with strong crying and tears because He knew about all these realities for which He has provided a way of escape.

I hope that you have settled this issue, and that you've opened your heart and your life to Christ. Make yourself safe either way. If there is a Hell, you're safe. If there is no Hell, you still get the best out of this life. And you can't lose on a deal like that. Make sure today that your trust is in Christ.

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Author: Dr. Bruce W. Dunn of Grace Communications.

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