Sex, Love and Relationships
about other people’s experiences and how they have dealt with sexual addictions, adultery, and more.

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What is LOVE—a feeling, an emotion, an action? Answer

TRUE LOVE—What is true love and how do you know when you have found it? Answer

Pornography / Sexual Addictions / Temptations

by Ray Comfort and friends at Living Waters, a Christian Answers Team Member
length: 30 minutes
by Ray Comfort, Living Waters, a Christian Answers Team Member
length: 20 minutes
A man who became addicted while serving in ministry, living constantly in fear of being caught and ruining his reputation
length: 8 minutes
Helpful advice from a knowledgeable follower of Christ
featuring Tim Challies
length: 5 minutes


Dating couple. Photo copyrighted.

Sex outside marriage

PREGNANT—What about abortion?

Pregnant woman. Copyrighted.
Life Before Birth
More answers to frequently asked questions, plus personal stories

Sex in marriage



“Homosexuality Was My Identity”
by Anchored North
length: 9 minutes
“Powerful coming out story!!! LOVE IS LOVE”
Emily spent 7 years living out her same-sex attractions while being outspoken about God’s acceptance of her lifestyle.
length: 4½ minutes
from Living Waters, a Christian Answers Team Member
length: 5 minutes
from Living Waters, a Christian Answers Team Member
length: 55 minutes

• Read personal stories of people’s experiences with homosexuality

Right and Wrong

Do Not Enter
Forbidden Area
Keep Out

Sex and Society

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