Sex, Love and Relationships
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Counseling & Support Groups

You or someone you love may need professional assistance or counseling for past or present sexual sins. Here are some worthy organizations.

  • Prodigals International ( - “Turning sexual tragedy into triumph” / Helping men and women find freedom from sexual addiction, helping couples heal, helping train churches.

  •—helping people affected by pornography addiction

  • Pure Intimacy (—a resource from Focus on the Family, for overcoming addiction to on-line pornography and affairs

  • Pure Life Ministries (—for Christian men - “discipling holiness and purity of heart that comes from a Spirit-controlled life.”

  • Renewal from Sexual Addiction (—“promotes the healing of addicted individuals and their families through the development and implementation of Christ-centered programs, materials, and services”

  • Savior’s Hope (—seeks to heal the wounds caused by sexual abuse (for both victims and families of victims)

  • New Life Ministries (—Every Man’s Battle workshops for men and wives / Also, personal counseling.

  • Victims of Pornography (

  •—Christian Counseling—Online Christian Counseling with Thad Brown, M.Div., M.A., Licensed Professional Counselor. Confidential chat, e-mail and phone sessions (fee-based).

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Need help in dealing with a sexual addiction, pornography, sex outside of marriage, or adultery? Christian volunteers are ready to help you by e-mail. All communications remain CONFIDENTIAL and discreet.

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