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Intimate Issues

Answers to 21 Questions Christian Women Ask About Sex

by Linda Dillow & Lorraine Pintus

Intimate answers to a woman’s most personal questions about sex

A great book! Highly recommended by ChristianAnswers and many other respected Christian ministries

You desire God’s best for yourself and for your husband. But you have questions. Can you be a godly and sensuous wife? What did our Creator intend? Intimate Issues answers the twenty-one questions about sex most frequently asked by Christian wives, as determined by a nationwide poll of over one thousand women. Written from the perspective of two mature Christian wives and Bible teachers—women who you’ll come to know as friends—Intimate Issues is biblical and informative: sometimes humorous, other times practical, but always honest. Through its solid teaching, warm stories, scriptural insights, and expert advice, you’ll find resolution for your questions and fears, surprising insights about God’s perspective on sex, and a variety of practical and creative ideas for enhancing your physical relationship with the husband you love.

With warmth and wisdom, authors Linda Dillow and Lorraine Pintus speak woman to woman: examining the teachings of Scripture, exposing the lies of the world, and offering real hope that every woman’s marriage relationship can become all it was intended to be in God’s design.

This unique book tackles the tough topics, we are often asked (see table of contents). It is a treasure house of information, and an answer to prayer for many wives and husbands who have struggled with misconceptions and wrong attitudes. This book can save you from years of problems in your marriage.

This comforting and easy-to-read book explains the beauty of Christian marriage, sexually and spiritually, as God planned it. It is filled with facts, stories and totally biblical advice. Use it to help lift your love life from stale to fantastic. Use it for personal reflection. Use it as a resource for counseling other women! Many women’s groups are now using it for group Bible study (a twelve-week study is included at the end of the book). When the world looks at Christian marriages, they should see amazingly happy, fulfilled, loving relationships. Let’s make it so!

Do you already have a great marriage? Read this refreshing book, and move to a new level of intimacy. Make yours a SUPER marriage.

Every Christian wife should have a copy! It has totally transformed many women’s thinking—bringing freedom, warmth and fun, and greater understanding of God and their husbands. It’s well-worth the money. Readers are calling it “Wonderful”, “Fabulous!”, “Awesome”, “Could hardly put it down!”. “Transformed not only my sexual relationship with my husband, but my image of myself as a godly woman trying to walk wholly with the Lord.” Scripture is used to back up every point.

Sex was created by God; so seek his wisdom in understanding what he intended for you and your husband. You will discover that it is the wedding gift that keeps on giving—a wondrous gift of comfort and pleasure!

Read the Table of Contents (questions answered)

About the Authors

Linda Dillow is the author of several books, including A Mother’s Journey, Calm My Anxious Heart and the best-selling Creative Counterpart. A sought-after speaker, she ministers at women’s conferences across the United States, Europe and Asia. Linda is the mother of four grown children and grandmother of two. She and her husband, Jody, lived overseas for 17 years and now make their home in Monument, Colorado.

Lorraine Pintus is a freelance writer, conference speaker, Bible teacher and ministry worker. Her articles have appeared in numerous magazines, including Decision, Discipleship Journal, and Focus on the Family. She is also the author of Diapers, Pacifiers and Other Holy Things. Lorraine and her husband Peter are founders of Hearts at Home Ministries, a Christian training and development organization. They live with their two children near Colorado Springs.


“The best-no-holds barred book on the basic questions that Christian women ask about sex. This book will play a large part in healing lives that have been prisoners regarding God’s plan for healthy sexuality.”
Emilie Barnes, Author

Intimate Issues may well be destined to become a definitive and defining work in Christian literature. Specific, practical, and scriptural, it may have more potential than any new work I have read in recent years.”
Frank B. Minirth, M.D., The Minirth Clinic

“This is a mother-to-daughter book, a sister-to-sister gem to be shared. It is also a powerful resource for counselors and teachers, well-documented and deserving of serious attention.”
Howard and Jeanne Hendricks, Center for Christian Leadership, Dallas Theological Seminary

“A much-needed, biblically-based handbook teaching God’s perspective concerning the wise use of His gift of physical intimacy.”
Cynthia Heald, author and speaker

“Don’t be afraid of the word ‘sensuous.’ Linda and Lorraine present the union of two people so attractively, excitedly, and sacredly that anything less protected and binding seems cheap, tawdry, and counterfeit.”
Vonette Zachary Bright, Campus Crusade for Christ

“More than an excellent and well-written book; it is an important book. Intimate Issues gives practical help for every wife who longs to be a better lover to her husband as well as significant help for those who struggle with a painful past or a difficult present in their marriage. We highly recommend this book.”
Carole and Jack Mayhall, The Navigators

“Finally, a book that honestly addresses the real sexual concerns of women! The result will be marriages that reflect the joy and passion God intended.”
Mary Ann Mayo, M.A., M.F.C.C., A Woman’s Place Medical Center

This book is also highly recommended by Dr. James Dobson, Focus on the Family