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When Good Men Are Tempted

Updated Edition

by Bill Perkins

Men know all about their need for sexual purity. What they’d like is for someone to show them how to attain it.

It’s no surprise that men today struggle with sexual purity. Temptation is rampant—big as a billboard, quick as the flip of a TV channel or the click of a mouse. In the midst of a culture that shouts “Sex!” from every corner, isn’t it time someone talked eye-to-eye with Christian men about how to master lust and achieve the holiness they long for?

Bill Perkins details a plan for sexual integrity—one that works. Perkins doesn’t just tell men what they already know, that they need to be holy. He shows them how to achieve a purity that will preserve the sanctity of their marriages, the security of their families, the vitality of their walks with God, and the strength of their relationships with their brothers in Christ.

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Perkins' candor about the male makeup is refreshing and uplifting. Let’s face it, he says, women are beautiful and men are wired to desire them. So let’s drop our pretenses and sink our teeth into the truth — and a strategy for winning against sexual temptation. In three parts, When Good Men Are Tempted unfolds a game plan that can lead men to victory:

  • Understanding the Game - God’s original intent for sex and how a man’s sexual appetite can get out of control
  • Getting in Shape - Overcoming sexual compromise, replacing bad habits with good ones, and breaking the cycle of shame
  • A Strategy for Victory - A step-by-step strategy for ongoing victory, empowered by a man’s new identity in Christ

Complete with discussion questions and “Take Action” strategic steps, each chapter is more than informative — it’s designed to propel men onward toward the high prize of virtue. When Good Men Are Tempted meets men in their world, in the midst of their temptations and failures, and helps them rise up and walk as the overcomers they want to be.

A personal note from Bill Perkins, author of When Good Men Are Tempted

“I think it’s important to let women know that this book has really helped a lot of marriages by enabling the wife to understand her husband’s struggles. Once they realize they are not the issue, it helps them talk with their husband in a less defensive tone. Most men won’t talk about their struggle with their wives for fear of hurting them or making things worse. It’s crucial for women to read the book along with their husbands. I urge them to buy a copy, read it, and give it to their husband. Then I exhort them to ask him, ‘Can we talk about what the book says? I want you to know that I’ll do whatever I can to help.’”

Perfect for Men’s groups and Bible studies


“Temptation comes to all — even 'good men.' This book helps you look temptation in the eye. Then in a realistic, practical way, Bill Perkins gives hope and encouragement by suggesting steps you can take to win the battle. A must read for all ‘good men’ — and for men who want to be.”
   —David Arp, “Marriage Alive Seminars” Co-founder. Author.

“Bill Perkins writes with honesty, vulnerability, and remarkable insight. Every man should read this book!”
   —Dr. Les Parrott III, “Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts” co-author


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