Intimate Issues - front cover

Intimate Issues

Answers to 21 Questions Christian Women Ask About Sex

by Linda Dillow & Lorraine Pintus

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Table of Contents

  1. What Does God Think of Sex?
  2. How Can I Be Godly and Sensuous?
  3. How Do I Shift Into Sexual Gear?
  4. How Can I Relate When He’s a Microwave and I’m a Crockpot?
  5. What Do I Do When I Don’t Want to Do It?
  6. Where Can I Go Buy a New Body?
  7. How Do I Make Love with Children Wrapped Around My Knees?
  8. How Can I Get over the Guilt of Past Sexual Sin?
  9. I’m Attraced to Another Man! Help?
  10. How Can I Remain Faithful in a Faithless World?
  11. What Do I Do When HE Has a Headache?
  12. How Can I Get Rid of Guilt over My Abortion?
  13. My Husband Is into Pornography—What Should I Do?
  14. Is It Possible to Get Beyond the Pain of Sexual Abuse?
  15. How Can Sex Go from Boring to Sizzling?
  16. What’s the Big Deal About Orgasm?
  17. What’s Not Okay in Bed? (reveals what the Bible says / also: Is Oral Sex Permissible? Are Vibrators Permissible? What about X-Rated Movies?)
  18. Are Quickies Okay with God? (and Other What-Is-Normal Questions, such as: How Often Is Enough? Is Intercourse the Only Proper Way to Have Sex? Is It Okay to Schedule Sex?)
  19. How Can I Recapture the Passion?
  20. How Long Does It Take to Become a Godly, Sensuous Woman?
  21. The Granddaddy of All Questions
  22. Twelve Weeks to Becoming a Godly and Sensuous Wife (Bible Study)
  23. An Intimate Secret: Gourmet Delight
  24. Additional Resources / Notes / Scripture Index / Topical Index
Published by WaterBrook Press