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Judgments of God

This phrase is used in various senses in the Bible.

  1. The infliction of punishment on the wicked (Exodus 6:6; 12:12; Ezek. 25:11; Rev. 16:7), such as is mentioned in Genesis 7; 19:24,25; Judges 1:6-7; Acts 5:1-10, etc. Sometimes sends the punishment directly, and sometimes through an angel or through His people or through wicked people.

  2. The secret decisions of God's will (Psalm 110:5; 36:6).

  3. The revelations of his will (Exodus 21:1; Deuteronomy 6:20; Psalm 119:7-175).

  4. The Final Judgment

  5. God sometimes judges with spiritual darkness.

    “I form the light and create darkness,
    I make peace and create calamity;
    I, the Lord, do all these things.’” —Isaiah 45:7 NKJV

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