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Fear of Witnessing to the Lost


School of Biblical EvangelismThe School of Biblical Evangelism from Ray Comfort offers 120 lessons that will help train you and your whole family about sharing your faith in Christ with others.




Have you ever been paralyzed by fear? Most unsaved people have at one time or another been gripped by some terrible fear, but Christians are plagued by it. It is a continual battle for each of us because we are involved in a war for the souls and men and women. Fear is perhaps the greatest weapon the enemy has, because it strips faith of its power.

But God has given us wonderful keys so that we can release ourselves from this paralyzing prison.

Listen to our team member Ray Comfort explain how to effectively deal with this problem…

Freedom From the Fear of Man

The Key to Finding God’s Will for Your Life

Have you ever wondered what God wants you to do with your life? This teaching is called 'How to Find God's Will in Your Life,' and it show you exactly how to do that. By the time you have finished listening, you will know what God wants you to do with your life. Listen carefully, because we have only one stab at this life, and if we miss God's will as Christians, everything else we do is futile.

How to Get on Fire for God

This teaching is not only equipping and practical, but it's also funny at times, and laughter is medicine for the soul. The message will bring out simple but profound principles that have life-changing consequences and what's more, you can put them into practice and immediately reap the benefits.

Article Version: February 17, 2023