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The Holy BibleMost Westerners have a number of Bibles in their home… most of them virtually untouched. Perhaps that is why it is hard for us to imagine that there are millions around the world who would go to great lengths to receive their very own copy of the Holy Bible, the world best-selling book of all time!

Below we bring you the story of one Christian couple who began a small but growing ministry that provides Bibles to the needy around the world. Perhaps you too feel called to help those providing Bibles, or even begin your own Bible distribution program.

Michael Hester of Fishhook Bibles tells his story.

This Bible mission began in January when both my wife and I started feeling overwhelming guilt that we had so many blessings, yet weren't giving anything back to God. Only then did we begin tithing our full 10%. However, we felt we worked hard for our tithing money therefore wanting it to be used in the best possible and most effective way.

One day God just put the idea in my head. Buy Bibles wholesale and get them to people all over the world who would otherwise either not have the resources to buy a Bible or to those who would never take the time to go buy one. Right now our main focus is the Middle East. From the e-mails we have gotten from the Middle East requesting our help, it is very clear God is preparing that part of the world for the Great Commission. We couldn't believe the first e-mail we got from Pakistan. We never imagined God has already commissioned many Arab men to fulfill his command and bring His word to that part of the world. There are many Arabs in the Middle East who risk their lives daily to save souls for Christ. What brave and heroic souls they are. Here I am in the U.S with a nice comfy life. The very least I could do is provide these people with free Bibles and Christian literature to help them in their mission. These people are so very thankful. They say we are a blessing from God. We say they are the blessing. We can honestly say we could never fill their shoes.

However, their funds are limited. We feel that as Americans, in whom God has blessed with wealth, freedom of mind and body, ability, and a country of great resources and ingenuity, it is our duty in this country as Christians to do our part on a daily basis to help fulfill the Great Commission. God is putting the burden on us because he knows we can deliver. (Perhaps the same applies to you even if you aren't in America—British, Australian, Brazilian… whatever. You can do it too!)

Anyone really can do what we do. All you need is the will and some prayer.

Where to Start

The Bible Foundation is "a multifaceted Scripture distribution ministry, networking with individuals and organizations around the world, to equip believers to minister and feed hungry souls. Using extremely cost effective and innovative methods, Bible Foundation provides effectual ways to distribute the Holy Scriptures and help people look at the Lord through His word". The people who run this foundation have many years of experience in developing Bible outreaches. They have numerous ideas and programs you can become involved with depending on your level of involvement.

Your Local Church may be able to provide you with a list of area individuals or organizations that could use Bible donations. Perhaps missionaries connected with your local church could also avail of such a ministry.

International Bible Society. We purchase all of our Bibles, in many languages, from the IBS. (Believe it or not, most of our contacts in the Middle East request English Bibles, so be sure to not assume what language someone may want. Always check with them first if you are working one-on-one with someone in need. The IBS has just about everything you could want… from prison Bibles to just the Gospel of John to New Testaments only, etc. The prices are very inexpensive, with excellent Bible quality.

Living Waters Publications is another source we use. They have the best, most eye-catching tracts we've ever seen. They also have an excellent Bible called The Evidence Bible that is well worth checking out. Living Waters also offers deep discounts when ordering in quantity.

World Missionary Press is one last resource we use. WMP produces gospel tracts in over 300 languages. While they do not charge for their tracts, they do accept donations.

God Has Blessed Us

Since beginning this ministry, the Lord has truly blessed us beyond what we had imagined. After four months of proving to him that we will be faithful in our tithing and the responsibility he has entrusted in us for this Bible outreach, God has given us our first biological child! After 14 years of marriage and years of infertility treatment, all it took was a little discipline and trust in Him to get what none of the specialists could do. If only we knew it was that easy…

Just surrender your life to Him, and all will be well.

Author: Films for Christ and Michael Hester of Fishhook Bibles, P.O. Box 36532, Rock Hill, SC 29732.