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“Creating a World Vision”

Photo from one of Joshua Expedition's short term projects in Costa Rica, South America.

Today more than ever it is important to give students the opportunity to get personally involved in world evangelization. Statistics prove that short-term mission experiences will provide students with:

  1. A broader perspective of the world and increase cross cultural understanding

  2. A taste of culture other than their own

  3. A transformed view of the world and its needs

  4. An opportunity to share their faith in both word and deed

  5. An opportunity to consider missions as a life-long calling

Involving students in world evangelization will change their hearts forever and they will no longer believe that their home country, school, neighborhood, network of friends are the center of the universe.

I just finished a year of hosting schools and churches from all over the country and see them experience the mission field first hand in Costa Rica. Student's that traveled abroad had the unique privilege of working hand in hand with national pastors and brethren who have a genuine love for the Lord. Student's hearts were challenged as they came face to face with the reality that there are needs and opportunities outside their world. As a result of a short-term mission experience some students are consider missions as a life-long calling. It has enlarged his or her heart for the world and made them a more valuable member to his own local church and school.

Here are some of the projects that our schools were involved in while visiting Costa Rica:

  1. Working in a Nicaraguan squatters village in San Jose, Costa Rica.

  2. Church construction projects

  3. Back yard Bible Clubs for children (puppets, games, crafts, etc.)

  4. Sports Clinic / Tournaments

  5. Christian Musical Groups

  6. Street Evangelism

  7. Youth Ministries

  8. Medical Clinic

After being on a mission trip to Costa Rica one teacher wrote the following:

“What a life changing experience this was for each of my students! The adventure and education was great fun, but all of my students agree that their best days were those of service. The people in Costa Rica will stay in the hearts and minds of my students forever. They learned that when you give to others, you are blessed: and sharing the love of God with others is the best kind of giving!”

A student that participated on a mission trip to Costa Rica wrote the following:

“Thanks for the best week of my life! The week I spent with these people is everything my heart could ever desire and I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else, but with them.”

Why not commit to giving students the opportunity to obey God's Great Commission to GO and MAKE disciples?

Author: Beth Andersen of Joshua Expeditions. If you are interested in more information about programs that offer short-term mission experiences please contact Joshua Expeditions at: 1-888-341-7888 or visit