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Ways to share your faith.
How to use  Sports in Evangelism

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  • Cross Training Video Series (various)

  • Dravecky: A Story of Courage and Grace (baseball)

  • Driving Force (racing)

  • Give Me The Rock (basketball)

  • Fury to Freedom (fighting)

  • Home Run for Rusty (baseball)

  • Making the Turn (golf)

  • The Pistol: The Pete Maravich Story (basketball)

  • Power to Win (football)

  • Reggie's Prayer (football)

  • The Ride (rodeo)

  • Shout for Joy
  • (surfing)
  • Spirit of the Game
  • (football)
  • The St. Tammany Miracle (basketball)

  • Stories

  • Numerous real-life stories have been featured in some of the videos listed above.

  • Brian Brodersen (surfing)
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