Creation Crossword - Answers

1. Evidence of creation in insect development (see Creation magazine Vol. 10 No. 2) (PUPA)
4. Prays for (ASKS)
7. Centauri, our nearest star (ALPHA)
9. Prophetess in Luke chapter 2 (ANNA)
11. A time to mourn, and a time to (DANCE)
13. Land where Cain went to live (NOD)
14. Something named on the third day (SEA)
16. You can reap only if you do this first (SOW)
17. Drop of body fluid (TEAR)
19. Fossil resin (AMBER)
21. When planets were created, so was this (ORBIT)
24. Extinct flightless bird (DODO)
28. Ken Ham's best-selling book, The ___ Evolution (LIE)
29. German physicist who discovered the law of the flow of electricity (OHM)
30. Line of planets (ROW)
31. Those who have eternal life (ELECT)
32. Adam and Eve's home (EDEN)
33. Microscopic water-plants showing immense diversity in design and structure (ALGAE)
34. The Creator formed man from this (DUST)
35. Trampled, as in Judges 9:27 (TROD)

1. This was created on the third day (PLANT)
2. Animal featured in Creation magazine Vol. 8 No. 3 (p. 15) (PANDA)
3. American Library Association (inits) (ALA)
5. Created intelligence (SENSE)
6. What Cain did to Abel (SLEW)
8. First man (ADAM)
10. Flood survivor (KJV NT spelling) (NOE)
12. Abbreviation of New Testament letters of Paul (COR)
15. God's home for mankind (EARTH)
18. What Eve was formed from (RIB)
20. Layer of sedimentary rock (BED)
21. Fossil fuel (OIL)
22. Ridges of rock just above or below water surface (REEFS)
23. Letter of Greek alphabet (IOTA)
25. Classification of group below class and above family (ORDER)
26. Deer (DOE)
27. Possessed, as of land for example (OWNED)
28. Metallic element (LEAD)
32. Prohibition regarding the tree of knowledge (EAT)

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