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Copyrighted. FlashZooids
To survive you must blast rogue asteroids.
Kid Explorers Driving Game Driving Game
Attempt to guide your Hummer down a dangerous road.
Click here. Copyrighted. Laser Eyes
Keep bugs out of the gorilla's eyes.
Kid Explorers Animal Warp - Copyrighted. Animal Warp
Create bizarre animals.
Canoeing on the Amazon game Canoeing on the Amazon
Catch fish and avoid river debris.
Killer Bee game Killer Bees
Can you keep from getting stung!
Asteroid Ricochet Asteroid Ricochet
Keep 3 asteroids from striking Earth.
Copyrighted. Drop Blocks
IMPROVED—Challenging multi-level game of skill and luck.
Click here. Copyrighted. Rain Forest Breakout
Score by hitting the ball to break out pieces of the animal picture.
Click here. Copyrighted.
Space Pyramids
Stack them right, stack them fast.


Click here for Maze Menu A'mazing Menu
It's a jungle out there! Don't get lost in the mazes.

Word Search Games

Click here for word searches

What Happened in the Garden?
On-Line Play / Printable Version

Click here for Timed Bible Word Game

Timed Bible word game
Try to find the word in 60 seconds.


The Amazing, Stupendous Flood
      On-Line Play / Printable Version

Wow! What Happened in Babel?
      On-Line Play / Printable Version

Does God Really Love You?
      On-Line Play / Printable Version

The First Christmas
      On-Line Play / Printable Version

Resurrection Sunday—a time for rejoicing
      On-Line Play / Printable Version

The Resurrection of Jesus
      Printable Version

Jesus Will Return!
      On-Line Play / Printable Version

Books of the New Testament!
      On-Line Play / Printable Version

Books of the Old Testament!
      On-Line Play / Printable Version

The BIBLE from A to M
      Printable Version

Quiz your Bible Knowledge

People & Places (easiest)
African Grey parrot Expert
Garden of Eden
Cain and Abel
Dinosaurs and the Bible

God's Story Video On-line home
Watch it here!


Print, draw and color…

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Strategy Games play against the computer

Ladybug Sandwich
Try to outnumber the butterflies with ladybugs
Boxes Game Boxes Game
Complete more boxes than the computer.
Checkers Game Play checkers by the campfire.
Outwit Rainforest Jack!
Dinosaur Tic-Tac-Toe Dino-Tac-Toe
Beat the Computersaurus!

Two Player Games

Click for Connect Four in a Row game ElephantFour in a Row.
Choose: Lion vs. Elephant or Lovebird vs. Macaw


Falling Jungle Beads
Skill and logic
Dinosaur Concentration Dinosaur Concentration
Find the matching dinosaur pictures.
Click for Jungle Towers Game Jungle Towers Challenge
Ancient game of skill and logic
Click for Dino Peggy game Dino Peggy
Remove all the pegs except one.
Click for Picture Puzzle game Picture Scrambles (dinosaur)
Rearrange the pieces to form a picture.
Click for Number Scramble game Number Scrambles
Put the numbers in numerical order.

Find it

Click for Find the Animals game Find the animals

Game 1

Game 2

Crossword Puzzles

Printable crosswords:

13 Animal Games

Butterfly (animated)
Learn about butterflies
Find the animals.
Find more animals.
Play with our ants.

Click here for our DINOSAUR GAMESTry our many DINOSAUR GAMES. They're great, BIG fun! Go… (Dino Peggy, Concentration, Puzzle Master, NUMBered Out, Dino Hunt, Dino Tic-Tac-Toe, Whatdya Know?, Dino Crossword)
Learn new things about dinosaurs. Go

Coloring pages

Have fun with our many great coloring pages! Go

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