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Why does wind make sounds?

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Sound always originates as a vibrating object, whether a violin string, vocal chords, or a hanging leaf. The sound is carried to you by oscillating air molecules, which in turn set your eardrum vibrating.

There are several ways in which wind makes itself heard.

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Trees provide a natural outdoor instrument. As branches and leaves shake, they cause vibrations in the surrounding air. the faster the object moves, the higher will be the pitch that is heard.

Photo copyrighted. Click for soundListen to a blustery winter wind

Tree sounds are unique to those who stop and listen.

The willow has been likened to a flute,
the pine to a violin.

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High pitch sound also arises when narrow objects cause changing eddy currents of air, similar to a whistle.

Click for soundListen to a whistling wind storm
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A lower pitch results when large open objects resonate, like air blown across a jug.

These effects sometimes make whistling, whirring, or moaning sounds, the combination of many frequencies.

Click for soundListen to a swirling hurricane wind
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Air rushing directly past your ear itself can also resonate and play its music.

We can tend to take these delightful sounds for granted or miss them altogether. However, they are an enjoyable part of the creation.

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How is wind like the Holy Spirit? Learn how, and watch an exciting scene from our on-line video!

Scene from The HOPE

Author: Dr. Donald B. DeYoung of Creation Research Society (ChristianAnswers.Net team member). First published in Weather and the Bible (Grand Rapids: Baker Book House Company, 1992). Used by permission. Copyright © 2003, Donald B. DeYoung.

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