Wow! What Happened at Babel?

                   Q D E                  
                 B X E L A                
               S J E R D A R              
             D I F F E R E N T            
           Q N S E T T L E D G H          
         P E O P L E T O W E R U P        
       I N I M R O D A T S H I N A R      
     Z H V G M B R I C K S D R O N G T    
   Z F Y H C O N F U S E D T O N G U E S  
 B A B E L K C I T Y C E E I M A D F H S Y
Babel common Earth people Shinar
bricks confused languages scattered tongues
city different Nimrod settled tower

Have you ever known somebody that speaks a different language? It can be fun to try to communicate with people from other countries. It can also be frustrating. When you really want to tell somebody something that is important, but you don’t know the right words…it can make you want to scream. Why do people speak different languages? A long time ago, when everybody spoke the same language, the people joined together to rebel against God. The way that God put an end to their rebellious activities was to cause everybody to speak different languages. The people couldn’t plan evil deeds if they couldn’t understand each other. Find the hidden words in the tower above, then read about the Tower of Babel in Genesis 11:1-9.

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