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The Crazy Streets of Jerusalem

HeaderOn your first easy journey, you'll find your way through a house of prayer. There will be many people you will meet along the way, and they are all looking for the same thing… how to pray. Maybe you can help!
The Baffling Shepherd's Corral

Your second trip will be a little more difficult. A shepherd was out in his fields with his herd of sheep, when he noticed that one of his young sheep was missing! Wolves have been spotted close by, and he needs to bring his sheep to safety!
The Incredible Twisting Rain Forest Path

On your third expedition, you will meet Missionary Mike, who has the tough and dangerous task of finding his way through the jungle to the lost tribe, who has never even seen any Christians before! Missionary Mike isn't very good with finding his direction, so he specifically asked for your help.
The Most- Important Quest for the Lost

Did you ever lose something? Everyone has… including our bewildered friends you'll meet here. Help them find what they're looking for and learn what the first priority in life should be as followers of Jesus.
The Man who Found a Coin in a Fish's Mouth

Do you like to fish? Would you fish more if you found money in the mouth of the fish you caught? Meet a man who did just that… and learned that God will always provide for our needs.
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