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What do we live in?

Indian House. Photo copyright by AAJ. We’ve heard that some people actually have walls on their houses! But not us…

We don’t need walls on our houses for anything. It doesn’t get cold here, and we don’t need much privacy at all. Privacy to us is a lot different than what you may be used to.

If you came here and built a simple house, put walls around it, and wrote your name on the door, that doesn’t mean that it is “off limits” or “private”. But, we do practice privacy when we bathe in the river. Even though we don’t wear a lot of clothing usually, the women bathe at one time or place and the men at another.

Are you used to having your own room at home? Well, you sure wouldn’t get your own room around here!

To build our house, we put up some poles to support a thatched roof. Since it rains here so much, we do a good job in making the roof to have as few leaks as possible.

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