The Parable of the Fish

When Jesus taught people, He often times told stories about the things they were familiar with, such as raising sheep and planting crops. When He told these stories, He had a spiritual meaning behind them. The Indians who live in the jungle have not seen some of the things that Jesus talked about in His stories. But here is a “parable” that one Indian boy drew with a spiritual lesson:

There are two piranhas who are trying to catch and eat the little fish.

The big fish is the mother, and under her are her three children.

The only way the little fish will be safe from the piranhas is to keep close to their mother. Satan wants to harm us and make us sin, just like the piranhas want to do bad to the little fish. The only way we will be protected from Satan is to stay close to God. We can do that through reading His word and through talking to Him in prayer.

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