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How do we get around in the jungle?

Two Men in a Canoe. Photo copyright by AAJ. You probably get from place to place in a car, right? Well here in the jungle most of us have never even heard of a car. And even if someone here had one, it wouldn’t be of much use in some areas because the roads are only big enough for someone to walk on, or for a jungle pilot to maybe land on an empty field. We use a much better way to get around the jungle… our feet and our canoes. When we go to work in the morning, or go to visit another village, we use our hand-made canoes to navigate around the river.

Question: How many people can fit into a canoe?
Answer: a LOT more than you maybe thought (11 in this photo)

Dugout Canoe. Photo copyright by AAJ.

This is probably the longest canoe you’ve ever seen! We make canoes as long as we need them, if we can find a big enough tree! But there are plenty of trees around here. There are at least 11 people on this canoe, and maybe even more!

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