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Grand Canyon Catastrophe: New Evidence of the Genesis Flood

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Teens Adults
Christian Scientific Documentary
25 min.
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Featuring: Dr. John Morris, Dr. Duane Gish, Dr. Steven Austin and Dr. Andrew Snelling | Produced by: Keziah and American Portrait Films | Distributor: American Portrait Films

Get a view of the Grand Canyon that its visitors are not allowed to examine! This video documentary, recorded on-location throughout the United States, explores the “breached dam” theory that catastrophic drainage of vast post-Flood lakes carved the Grand Canyon rapidly and recently… rather than millions and millions of years ago!

It also offers proof that similar canyons were formed rapidly at Mount St. Helens and Grand Coulee, theories that challenge conventional geology. Vivid images reveal Native American legends that catastrophic floods shaped the amazing stone sculptures of the Canyonlands, and new evidence supports the biblical account of a recent global Flood. Includes appearances by; Dr. John Morris, Dr. Duane Gish, Dr. Steven Austin and Dr. Andrew Snelling.

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