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Jason X

MPAA Rating: R-Rating (MPAA) for strong horror violence, language and some sexuality.

Reviewed by: Ryan Izay

Extremely Offensive
Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
Young Adults
Horror / Thriller
1 hr. 33 min.
Year of Release:
Kane Hodder as Jason Voorhees in “Jason X”

Starring: Kane Hodder, Dylan Bierk, Lisa Ryder, Chuck Campbell, Barna Moricz | Directed by: Jim Isaac, James Isaac | Produced by: Noel J. Cunningham, Noel Cunningham | Written by: Sean S Cunningham, Todd Farmer | Distributor: New Line Cinema

“Jason X” would make the hundreds of straight to video, horror films proud. After all, it belongs in that category and not many in it get the privilege of being seen on the big screen. If it were not for the fact that this film carries with it an icon monster, it never would have made it so far.

Knowing what kind of audiences that this film would bring in they try their best to please. There are many very creative and demented ways for the innocent to die in this film as well as Jason, who seems to die many times only to rise again. As well as violence and gore this film also fills its quota of sex and language including a somewhat humorous affair involving a boy and his robot. Actually the entire film is quite humorous. Mostly just because of the fact that it thinks it is actually scary.

As a Christian, or any intelligent person, this film should not surprise you. “Jason X” was advertised to be what it is. Another poorly made horror film to follow up in a series that started without Jason as a killer at all. In fact, he was hardly in the original “Friday the 13th” and every film since that one has just been an exploitative scheme to make more money.

There is no moral content in all of this film and it doesn’t even have the star power to attract audiences like past bombs such as “Halloween H20” did.

If watching a scary movie is your idea of fun, I suggest renting an old classic instead. Or go see “Frailty” which at least has some thought provoking matters. For all of you that enjoy Jason, cross your fingers because Freddy vs. Jason has been waiting for the green light and depending on the gross of “Jason X”, it could get it in the not too distant future. God save us all.

Viewer Comments
Positive—Unlike the review says, this movie does NOT think it is scary. It was made to be funny, staying true to the original “Jason’s” to the point of mocking them. I loved it!
Jon, age 23
Negative—When will it end? The Jason Voorhees saga. What started as a scary, although violent, series has become laughable in the last few years. I mean you only have to look at the video cases for Jason Takes Manhattan and Jason Goes to Hell to know that this has become a cheap no brainer spin off series with little or no connection to the original film. Jason X takes the Friday the 13th character into the future where he is found frozen in Crystal Lake. Then he thaws out, comes back to life and, yes you’ve guessed it, starts to kill and mutilate young sex crazed adults aboard a spaceship.

The murders depicted in this film are violent and very gory, obviously a visual statement to how low moviemakers morals have sunk since the first film. The film makers have tried to include humour which fails miserably because the film is just way too violent. As usual the cast run around screaming until one by one they are off’ed. Miss this one like the plague.
My Ratings: [Extremely Offensive / 2½]
Chris St. John, age 30
Negative—Okay. I went to see Black Hawk Down at the dollar theatre with a few of my friends. We bought our tickets ahead of time, and then sat in the lobby for a while to talk. We got so caught up in our interesting conversation that we missed Black Hawk Down by thirty minutes. Not wanting to be late for the film, I decided I would go see Jason X, the only other film playing in the theatre that night.

I got through about 20 minutes of this film, and realized that I was just too intelligent to be sitting through the film any longer, so I got up and left. I’m glad I did. Nothing but a resurrected Jason killing people in space. Poorly produced, directed, and acted. The music score was cheap and synthesized. Cheap, cheap, cheap… not to mention stupid and boring. I agree with the above review. Go see Frailty instead and skip this film. Frailty is much better, and although you shouldn’t take your unsaved friends to it, it will definitely make you think, unlike “Jason X,” which could have been thrown together by a five year old.
My Ratings: [Extremely Offensive / 1]
Adam, age 19
Negative—This movie was exactly what you would expect it to be. Profanity, gore, nudity, it was a text book horror film with one exception… the makers of this movie seemed to know that no one would take it seriously, and therefore made it slightly paradoxical. …I wouldn’t recommend this movie for the Christian audience. Like most hack and slash movies, the only mention of God is either in a curse or from a sick and demented psycho who uses God as an excuse for his/her psycho ways. Although predictable, it was entertaining which brings to mind a thought provoking question—why do we like these movies?

Why do we go to see them? Could it be that people are acting out their aggressive fantasies through film, or is it just that it is fun to make fun of? Before you go to see a movie like this, think about why it is that you want to see it. Unless you have a good reason, I wouldn’t suggest going to see this one.
My Ratings: [Very Offensive / 3]
Kevin Bessanson and Landon Cornett, age 18

Positive—Ok. Going into this movie do NOT expect a Christian worldview. However, I have always loved horror/slasher movies and admired their makers. This is not a movie to take children to, but it is very enjoyable to the horror lover. I give it a Positive rating only for those that love the horror genre. And YES I do believe that someone can enjoy horror and still be a Christian.
My Ratings: [Very Offensive / 3]
Chris, age 29