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MPA Rating: PG-Rating (MPA) for some mild action and thematic elements.

Reviewed by: Dave Clements

Moral Rating: Good
Moviemaking Quality:
Primary Audience: Kids Family
Genre: Animation Comedy Family
Length: 1 hr. 20 min.
Year of Release: 2005
USA Release: December 16, 2005 (LA)
January 13, 2006 (wide)
Copyright, The Weinstein Co. Copyright, The Weinstein Co. Copyright, The Weinstein Co. Copyright, The Weinstein Co. Copyright, The Weinstein Co. Copyright, The Weinstein Co. Copyright, The Weinstein Co. Copyright, The Weinstein Co. Copyright, The Weinstein Co.
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Featuring Anne HathawayRed (voice)
Glenn CloseGranny (voice)
James BelushiThe Woodsman (voice)
Patrick WarburtonThe Wolf (voice)
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Director Cory Edwards
Todd Edwards (co-director)
Tony Leech (co-director)
Producer The Weinstein Company
Kanbar Entertainment
Kanbar Animation
Blue Yonder Films
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“Trouble in the Hood”

Copyrighted, The Weinstein Company

Here’s what the distributor says about their film: “Little Red Riding Hood: A classic story, but there’s more to every tale than meets the eye. Before you judge a book by its cover, you’ve got to flip through the pages. For this story, we begin at the end. Furry and feathered cops from the animal world investigate a domestic disturbance at Granny’s cottage, involving a girl, a wolf, and an axe. The charges are many: breaking and entering, disturbing the peace, intent to eat, and wielding an axe without a license. Not to mention, this case might be tied to the elusive “Goody Bandit” who has been stealing the recipes of goody shops everywhere.”

“Hoodwinked” is a fast-paced, lighthearted film that entertains young and old alike. The hour and 20 minutes went by very quickly and left me wanting more. The animation reminds older folks like me of the Disney movies I grew up watching.

The intriguing story line may be a little difficult for really young viewers, however, 5 year olds and up should have no trouble.

I highly recommend this film to all who want to be entertained and have a good laugh.

Sequel to this movie: Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil (2011)

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Viewer CommentsSend your comments
Positive—I was a little skeptical of seeing this movie from the preview, but it actually turned out to be a great movie. I found it light and funny and loved the squrriel who seemed to always be on a sugar high. He really made me laugh. Definitely a movie to go see.
My Ratings: Good / 4½
Robert, age 21
Positive—…found it to be entertaining and a delight for myself and my children. There is a character for every age to identify with, and it is a fun twist on a well known fable. My kids liked Twitchy the Squirrel the most, he is extremely animated and is always fumbling whatever he touches.

The movie is suitable for the entire family and promotes good morals without beating the audience to death with the message. All of the songs on the soundtrack are original.
My Ratings: Good / 4
Eric C, age 38
Positive—We saw this film today with our daughter and loved it. We weren’t expecting much, as we had heard very little advertisement for it. we found though that the adults in the theater often laughed harder than the kids. The characters were flawlessly clever and the script was quite funny. I loved how the film was constructed to help children identify with the layers of a story and how things fit. Overall, we loved this movie and were delightfully surprised!
My Ratings: Good / 3½
Misty Wagner, age 29
Positive—We took our 11 and 9 year old. All of us enjoyed the movie. The main theme, all the pieces fit together. The story telling was excellent. It brought out the benefit of being truthful in all cases. It also taught the lesson that things are not always as they seem. Perception clouds good judgment, It is best to wait before any rush to judgment. The humor was fast paced and for all ages. There were a couple of times where the jokes flew over the kids and had the adults laughing, particularly on the Lassie joke. Overall, there was plenty of fun for everyone. This was a good, clean story. I am still wondering why the PG rating. This was worth the price of admission.
My Ratings: Excellent! / 4
Brad Stevens, age 45
Positive—We just returned from seeing this with our 2 daughters, 12 and 9. We absolutely loved it! This was one of the few movies where I saw no sexual innuendo, no profanity, and it was done so cleverly. I thought I was going to see a cute Red-Riding Hood movie, and I was pleasantly surprised at the twists in the movie. My kids laughed through the whole thing. Probobly the only negative thing we saw was that Granny had a “secret” and was lying to Red. But in the end, she realized it was wrong. Wonderful, funny and different movie. Would definitely recommend this.
My Ratings: Good / 4½
Anna, age 35
Positive—A little hokey, but on the whole, very well done and funny in some parts. It’s a great family film.
My Ratings: Good / 4
Shannon H., age 24
Positive—ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS! What a fun and clean movie. My 5 year old loved it, and so did my husband, who normally struggles to get through animated films. He was laughing the whole way through, as was I. If you haven’t seen it you gotta go, even if it’s just to see the singing goat! He’s just rip-roaring funny. It’s a great, fun family film.
My Ratings: Good / 5
Maria Gottuso, age 37
Positive—I took my three kids ages 5, 7, and 10. We didn’t find the movie to be funny, but the story telling was excellent. It was great how they put all the parts together to give a full picture of what had happened. My 5 year old was very excited about being able to put a story line together. I would encourage any parent that has a young “thinker” to see this movie.
My Ratings: Good / 4
Dionne Edmond, age 39
Comments from young people
Positive—We went and saw this movie this evening and thought it was extremely funny. There were no inappropriate parts or scenes in it. I would recommend it for all ages and families. It was extremely funny and we were laughing through the whole thing. There was everything from funny puns, flat out jokes, silly references from other movies and just plain humor.

There was really nothing objectionable in this film, except for perhaps, the snowboarding scene. The granny is throwing snowballs and knocking people off their boards. It is all animated and not very violent. At all. I would say that the movie is appropriate for all ages. …it was a great movie, and I would definitely recommend…
My Ratings: Good / 4½
Cameron Shaw, age 13
Positive—I think this was a really funny movie; my favorite character was the squirrel. I also thought it was nice to have a change in the bad guys instead of it always being the wolf.
My Ratings: Good / 3½
Jordyn, age 10
Positive—It was a funny movie, and I like how all the characters were weird. My favorite character was the goat that sang evrything he said; the squirrel was funny too.
My Ratings: Good / 4½
Ryan cannon, age 10
Positive—This was a good and entertaining little movie. The dialogue and plot were funny, and clever, too. Some of the plot may skip over a young child’s head, but a good film to see for any one 6+. (The songs may be slightly disturbing for any one 12 and up!) All and all, this was a funny, entertaining movie, and appropriate for all ages.
My Ratings: Good / 3
Ruth, age 12
Positive—…awesome movie. Me and my friend went and were cracking up so many times. It sheds a new twist on a classic fairy tale. Great for all ages, enough kid jokes and even some jokes that adults wil laugh at. Excellent movie!
My Ratings: Good / 5
Tim Whitaker, age 17
Positive—I really enjoyed this movie! It was a whole new view on a popular fairy tale. If you enjoyed “Shrek,” you will probably enjoy this movie also.
My Ratings: Good / 4
Amy, age 17
Positive—I went to this movie with my younger sister (10), and we both thought the movie was funny, and cute. It wasn’t offensive; it was light and witty at times. It was pure fun, and the storyline was unique. Definitely a family film.
My Ratings: Good / 3½
Rachel, age 14
Positive—This has to be one of the best movies I have ever seen, especially for theaters. The story is wonderful, the movie is clean, and it’s absolutely hilarious. The music isn’t bad either! I really recommend this movie …You don’t get movies like this much anymore with Hollywood. See it while it’s in theaters, it’s best that way. The animation *could* be better, but overall… wow…
My Ratings: Excellent! / 4
Stephan, age 15
Positive—This movie is good! The story was amazing, the characters were nice, and the soundtrack was awesome. I loved Red’s cute little song about adventure and being kind to others. My favorite character is Little Red Riding Hood. Red is such a sweet little girl even though she can be tough sometimes. Kid and adult jokes may occur at different times such as the wolf joke and the pigs joke. Cartoonish violence and action may disturb young children and sensitive adults, so guidance is required. But, there is a happy ending that includes teamwork, friendship, and goodies. If you love a movie with good laughs, a bit of suspense, and fairy tales, then watch this movie with your children. Hoodwinked will be for the whole family to enjoy.
My Ratings: Moral rating: Good / Moviemaking quality: 4½
Kayla, age 13 (USA)