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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants also known as “Quatre filles et un jean,” “The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants,” “4 amiche e un paio di jeans,” “Eine für 4,” “Ena blue jean gia tesseris,” “Fire veninder - et par jeans,” “Négyen egy gatyában,” “Neljä tyttöä ja maagiset farkut,” “Quatro Amigas e um Jeans Viajante,” “Systrar i jeans,” “Un verano en pantalones,” “Uno para todas”

MPAA Rating: PG-Rating (MPAA) for thematic elements, some sensuality and language.

Reviewed by: Nicole Richardson

Better than Average
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Primary Audience:
Teens, Kids, Adults
Teen Drama Adaptation
1 hr. 59 min.
Year of Release:
USA Release:
June 1, 2005
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Featuring: Amber Tamblyn (Tibby), Alexis Bledel (Lena), America Ferrera (Carmen), Blake Lively (Bridget), Jenna Boyd (Bailey), See all »
Director: Ken Kwapis
Producer: Alcon Entertainment, Warner Bros. Pictures, Traveling Pants Productions Inc., 17th Street Productions, Alloy Entertainment, DiNovi Pictures, Debra Martin Chase, Kira Davis, Denise Di Novi, Alison Greenspan, Broderick Johnson, Andrew A. Kosove, Leslie Morgenstein, Christine Sacani, Christine Sacani, Steven P. Wegner, Melissa Wiechmann
Distributor: Warner Bros.

“Laugh. Cry. Share the pants.”

“The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,” based on the book of the same name by Ann Brashares, is the story of 4 friends and an amazing summer that they spend apart. Carmen, Tibby, Lena, and Bridget have literally known each other their whole lives (their mothers were in a prenatal aerobics class together) and are the best of friends. They have seen each other through divorce, death, and all of the fun and pains of adolescent years. Now, they are about to spend their first summer separated. Carmen is going to visit her out-of-state father, Lena is headed to Greece to spend time with her grandparents, Bridget is headed to soccer camp in Mexico, and Tibby is holding down the homefront working at a Wal-Mart-like store in their hometown of Bethesda, Maryland.

Before the young women go their separate ways, they come across a pair of jeans in a thrift store that, amazingly enough, fits all of them perfectly, even though they are very different in size and shape. They decide that those jeans are meant to be shared, so they agree to each wear the jeans for one week, then mail them to the next girl. While wearing the jeans, the girls have incredible experiences and learn a lot more about themselves and each other.

This movie was low on offensive content. There were about three uses of the a** word and the exclamation “Oh my G_ _!” was used three times (once in Spanish). There was a scene in the movie where Carmen crosses herself because they were in a “sacred” place (the aerobics room where their mothers met), but the character did not mean it disrespectfully. The girls entered the locked building after hours, but this aspect is downplayed and not actually relevant to the scene. There is some hint at the magical, mystical properties of the jeans since it fit all four girls, but again, this is downplayed and after a brief mention in one scene, isn’t really brought up again.

*SPOILER* The main thing that parents have to be aware of in this movie is that one of the girls is very flirty and enticing towards a young man that she encounters over the summer and loses her virginity with him. They do not show any nudity or excessive touching; the only thing that the audience sees is kissing (there is kissing shown in a few scenes, but it is not extreme). The good thing about how the movie handles the girl’s sexual encounter is that it is not seen as a positive thing or treated as if it is no big deal. The girl is shown to have much regret over what happened.

The Bible is very clear on premarital sex. 1 Corinthians 6:18-20 tells us to “flee fornication.” Although society has made sex acceptable, as long as it is “safe,” God’s word is a higher authority than man’s. With regards to flirting and excessive kissing/petting, the Bible even cautions us in 1 Thessalonians 5:22-23 to “abstain from the appearance of evil.” We should not even do things that tiptoe around the doorstep of evil. God is righteous and holy in all of His ways (Psalm 145:17), and we should strive to be righteous as well.

Jenna Boyd gives a wonderful performance as Bailey, the pre-teen that Tibby befriends while stuck at home working and making her “suckumentary” (a documentary about the pointlessness of life). Their relationship is amazing and some of the scenes between these two young actresses actually wrung some tears out of me—and I don’t cry easily in movies. Bailey was a true example of how to approach life, even when life throws you a curve. She is an amazing young actress.

Overall, I really enjoyed this movie. I can completely relate to it, since I grew up with two best friends who are still as close to me as sisters. I know that they always have my back and they know the same about me. I enjoyed the friendship that the four characters shared, and I especially loved the line where one of the girls (Carmen) comments on the fact that she could not vent her anger to her father, but she had no problem blowing up on Tibby. Tibby promptly responds that Carmen knows she’ll always love her, no matter what. That is a beautiful thing.

I love the growth that all four girls showed over the summer and the positive feelings that the movie invoked. Mothers will enjoy taking their daughters, but just be mindful that you probably need to follow the movie with a discussion of intimacy and premarital sex.

Violence: None / Profanity: Minor / Sex/nudity: Mild

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Comments below:
Positive—My teenage daughter and I just got back from viewing this movie. It is a very good movie! We both liked it a lot. There were not any scenes where I kind of squirmed, like I do in so many of them. There was nothing objectionable at all. The one scene where you knew that one of the characters had had sex, she was unhappy because of it. there was no nudity or any hint of it. The theatre was full of teenage girls, and I think all teenage girls (and their moms) will like this movie!
My Ratings: Good/4½
V. Masters, age 51
Positive—I went to it this show last night with 3 of my dearest girlfriends-we are in our 40s and have read all 3 of the traveling pants books. The movie is sweet and tenderhearted throughout. As mother’s with young girl’s 11 and under we agreed that there was too much skin exposure in the characters-although nothing really happens sexually; one of the 4 girls’ dresses a bit skimmpily trying to attract a guy. All in all we enjoyed it but weren’t sure how we’d react if we hadn’t read the books; since it does jump around a lot.
My Ratings: Better than Average/4
EN, age 41
Positive—Given the flood of trash that flows out of Hollywood, it was good to see a movie that presents positive morals and worldviews. With that said, be aware that there are some scenes that are mildly objectionable (the young ladies stand around in their underwear, offscreen sex with a minor). What I like most about this is that even though one character, Bridget, makes some very poor choices, the message that is sent regarding her choices is “this is wrong.” In fact, she confesses herself that her choices, despite being what she wanted, have left her empty. Her remorse is wrenching to watch.

This is a movie that has 2 strong themes: first, of learning to make the right choices, and second in learning how to forgive others. The former is the dominant theme; all 4 of the young women who make up the title sisterhood must learn to make choices for the right reasons. The latter comes into play primarily in the life of one of the girls whose parents are divorced, and who must deal with issues of abandonment as her father prepares to remarry.

Perhaps the most powerful scenes in this movie concern one of the supporting characters, (SPOILER WARNING)a young girl named Bailey with a terminal illness. It’s her lust to enjoy life despite knowing that she is dying that breaks through the barrier of cynicism, negativity and uncaring aloofness that one of the main characters has erected about herself. The scene in which this character’s walls begin to break while speaking to another of the main characters is a tearjerker.

I would recommend this as a movie that parents can take their children to see, with the caution that there are some objectionable scenes and some uses of language that are inappropriate. This is a movie that could provide some very powerful stepping-off points for parents to talk with their children about making moral choices and how to forgive others.
My Ratings: Better than Average/4
C.E., Chicago, IL, age 33
Positive—This was a great movie! I saw it with a friend and it really brightened my day. There was only very mild language; I think there were three or four swear words in the whole movie, which is mild compared to most movies these days. It is a cute movie that will make you laugh, cry, and really gets you involved with the characters and the heartwarming storyline. However, I would encourage parents to exercise caution when sending their pre-teens or children to see it, since there is one scene where one of the characters strips down to her underclothes to go swimming (and a boy later jumps in beside her). It switches scenes quickly. But the fact that they added that scene into the movie was very disappointing to me, because other than that scene, there is hardly anything objectionable about this movie. Also, I would like to note that the book (at least the first in the series) has more objectionable content than the movie (such as more cussing, including the use of Jesus’ name in vain). So be careful when considering whether or not to buy the books… still, good movie, definitely better than average, it is a wonderful story with very lovable characters!! And the book is great too, the only thing I wish is that the language was not present like it is.
My Ratings: Better than Average/5
Nicole, age 20
Positive—I honestly thought the movie was much better than the books! …I was one of the few really waiting for the movie to come out. It was great how the movie stayed down-to-earth. It was something that all people can relate to. I loved the movie and the books, just don’t let younger teens read the books. They can be a bit uncomfortable in places.
My Ratings: Better than Average/3½
Brooke, age 18
Positive—I thought the producers of this movie were very discreet with the “touchy” subject of Bridget losing her virginity. I was very comfortable watching this delightful movie with my 14 year old daughter. I didn’t like the use of the words a__ and h____. But other than these words used a few times it was a descent movie. I laughed, I cried, and I enjoyed this movie to the end.
My Ratings: Good/4½
Karen C., age 37
Negative—This movie experience was eerily like reliving the wife AND the teenage daughter’s PMS bouts. You helplessly try to comfort them while secretly hoping the PMS ebbs soon so you can finish watching the ballgame. A total humorless chick flick that men will not in anyway relate to. I was the only male in the theater, and realized way too late that the men not attending knew what they were doing.
My Ratings: Better than Average/3
astroman31, age 41
Comments from young people
Positive—This is a movie I would suggest taking a daughter or niece to. It shows the friendships girls make. Though a true chick flick (who wouldn’t cry?) this movie has moral similiar to that of Christianity. The choices the girls make will last a lifetime. And they thought before acting, wise beyond their years. A heartwarming flim that makes you never want to leave the theatre.
My Ratings: Good/5
Christine, age 15
Negative—This movie was soooo predictable! It showed absolutley NO relationship between mother and daughter. Tha families seemed dysfunctional too. It was also unrealistic. I play soccer and no one dresses like the girls at the soccer camp did, which was very showy and slutty. Her one goal at a soccer camp was to have sex with this boy. Her dancing was very innapropriate, too.

The points that were supposed to be profound were corny. The one girl that was modest and sweet was critizied for it. And everyone was happy when she turned slutty too. It was very innapropriate that her and Costos saw each other swimming naked.

America Ferrarah did a good job acting though. At the beginning three of them were shown in their underwear, which was totally unnecesary. The girl at soccer camp ended up having sex on the beach. Though she did feel remorse, I still thought it was totally innapropriate and stupid. She was only 15, too! (Though no age is appropriate if you aren’t married!) Overall, I thought it was a waste of time and money.
My Ratings: Offensive/2½
Malia, age 13
Positive—I loved this movie! It was so good. At first when I found out the one girls wanted sex so badley from her soccer coach I was dissapointed but after the fact when she was writing a letter to her friend she wrote about sex was not fulfilling! It wasn’t what she thought it would be and regreted it, they didn’t make it okay they showed the effects it has on you, the downside of sex before marriage. I was really impressed with how they portrayed sex. You don’t see that from Hollywood very often.
My Ratings: Better than Average/3½
Kate Thompson, age 16
Positive—I thought that it was the best movie. I thought that it was sad in the scenes where Tibby and Bailey are together. Overall, I think it was excellently made and I would definitely see it again!
My Ratings: Better than Average/5
Sarah, age 13
Positive—This movie was good overall. I will say it was very sad in most parts. There was a a girl that though they did not show it was said to have sex. But they never said that, so it will not be understood by youger girls. They keeped it clean for the most part and made it so every girl can enjoy it.
My Ratings: Good/4½
Rachel, age 12
Positive—My first comment is to read the book before you see the movie. Second comment is that this movie is incredibly touching. The four girls are unique and yet so much like many of us 16 year old girls. Tibby (my personal favorite) is brash and oppinionated, indignant, positive no ones life is as bad as hers. Until she meets Bailey that is… Bridget is wild, completely absorbed in getting what she wants, including the 19 year old soccer coach she can’t have, determined to win, no matter the cost. Lena is introverted to a fault, while she completely loves her friends, she has trouble opening up to anyone else. And Carmen, sassy and self-centered, I personally thought while she brought flavor, she was really just a spoiled brat running her life into ruts trusting someone will pull her out.

All the characters are lovable and most girls will identify with one or another. The story is sweet and touching. What most audiences will connect with is the girls strong bond and sense of friendship, and how it pulls them together through good, bad, and crazy times.
My Ratings: Better than Average/4
Sam, age 16
Negative—I went to see this movie with a friend and we were very excited, since it looked great on tv. (I had not read the books, but she had)I will be 15 in a week and saw it not to long ago. I was appauled that a movie that looked so sweet and innocent could have so many “things” in the movie. God says in the Bible to not have sex before marriage and in the movie you know when she gives up her virinity. When her friends find out, the mistake and sin is not pointed out. Instead, they just try to make it seem okay. There was also lots of kissing and one of the characters disobeyed her grandparents just to be with a guy. There were some sad and funny parts, but that didn’t excuse the many flaws and disappointments. There were no morals, and I felt sad that there were younger girls watching it that didn’t know the Lord. Most weren’t even over the age of 12. What were they to think? I would never recommend this to anyone or see it again!
My Ratings: Offensive/4
Lauren, age 15
Positive—I saw this movie with my best friends and we all thoroughly enjoyed it. This movie really touched our hearts and made us value our close friendships with each other. This movie also made us think about stupid decisions we’ve made and thought about making. We could relate to each girl in the movie and enjoyed the diverse characters. Girls: grab your friends and head to the movies… this movie is worth your time!
My Ratings: Better than Average/4
Cara, age 14
Positive—My friends and I are fans of these books, so we were all excited when the movie came out. We went to see it as soon as we could. I was afraid it would be cheesy, but it was actually good and followed the book very closely. There are a lot of positive things, like one of the girl’s relationship with a younger girl Bailey. Bailey is a very positive person about life even though she has lots of reasons to complain. The girls all are very close friends even though they are very different and they care about each other. There are some skimpy clothes, and you see a few girls in their underwear, and there’s a sex scene implied. However, it isn’t viewed as a good thing and the girl involved regrets it. Overall, I really liked this movie and it’s a good girls-night-out movie to see!
My Ratings: Better than Average/4
Brittney, age 14
Negative—I really wish I had read this review all the way through before watching it with my cousin and ten year old sister. I came very close to walking out in the middle of the movie. I was glad there wasn’t a lot of language, but I was very disappointed in some of the other scenes. At one part Lena take off her shirt and skirt to go swimming, and her boyfriend joins her. I also didn’t like the way Bridget acted during the movie. She kinda threw herself on this one guy and follows him around even though as a coach, he’s “off limits.” She seems to take this as a challenge and like him all the more for it, and the only reason she likes him is because he’s cute. I really did like the part about Tibby and Bailey, the little girl. Bailey always made the most of every moment. I really wish I lived that way. It was a cute story and well made, there were just unnecessary things added in. So parents, I ask that you don’t send your little kids to watch this… It really bugged me and my sister.
My Ratings: Average/2½
Becca, age 14
Positive—I saw this movie thinking that It was going to be the best movie ever. There was some content that wouldn’t fit kids under the age of 10. I found myself crying through out the movie. I also laughed a little. Overall it was an okay movie. Nothing surprised me that much though.
My Ratings: Better than Average/3
Samantha, age 11