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The Bourne Ultimatum

MPA Rating: PG-13-Rating (MPA) for violence and intense sequences of action

Reviewed by: Taran Gingery

Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
Adults, Teens
Thriller, Action, Adventure, Drama, Mystery, Sequel
1 hr. 51 min.
Year of Release:
USA Release:
August 3, 2007 (wide)
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Featuring Matt Damon (Jason Bourne), Julia Stiles (Nicky Parsons), David Strathairn (Noah Vosen), Scott Glenn, Paddy Considine, Edgar Ramírez, Albert Finney, Joan Allen, Tom Gallop, Corey Johnson, Daniel Brühl, See all »
Director Paul Greengrass
Producer Zakaria Alaoui, Patrick Crowley, Jeff Kirschenbaum, Donna Langley, Doug Liman, Frank Marshall, Henry Morrison, Colin J. O'Hara, Paul Sandberg, Andrew R. Tennenbaum, Jeffrey M. Weiner
Distributor Universal Pictures

“This summer Jason Bourne comes home”

In “The Bourne Identity,” he lost his past. In “The Bourne Supremacy,” his present was taken away from him. Now, Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) is on the run again as they attempt to destroy his future. Still suffering from amnesia and in search of secrets of his past, Bourne comes out of hiding to find Simon Ross (Paddy Considine), a reporter who has written an article concerning Bourne and an elusive project known as Blackbriar.

Things don’t go as planned and Bourne realizes that the CIA is desperate to cover up any hint of Blackbriar, even if it means taking out Bourne once and for all. So, with CIA agents, led by unorthodox Noah Vosen (David Strathairn), hot on his trail, Bourne races against time, battles deadly assassins and finds unexpected allies as he comes closer and closer to uncovering the truth behind Jason Bourne.

As far as action movies goes, the Bourne series have proven to be some of the best, and even more so because they present a “killer with a conscience,” or at least one who tries to listen to it. Indeed, several times throughout “The Bourne Ultimatum,” Bourne has the chance to kill his enemies and opts to leave them living or at least knock them out. Even so, the violence is heavy, with quite a few brutal fistfights, one resulting in a man choked to death after he and Bourne beat each other with fists and blunt objects. Another character is shot in the head with bloody results and Bourne, often bloodied throughout the film, patches up a nasty wound. A prolonged car chase results in an unimaginable pile-up with a possibly large body count.

Language is moderate, with several mild curse words. As the pursuit becomes more complicated, Vosen’s favorite phrase becomes 'What the h*** is going on?' and he repeats it many times, but that’s about as bad as it gets. There is also a brief flashback of Bourne and Marie, his old girlfriend, kissing in a shower.

I will admit that I was looking forward to seeing how Jason Bourne would come to terms with his past and with his sense of morality in his killer’s personality. There are times in this film where you can see Bourne’s struggle to do what is right and to do what his instincts tell him to do. Sometimes his instincts win, other times they do not. In the end, though, the lesson he learns is that nobody made him who he was, rather that he made himself that person through his own choices. This is true of all of us. None of us are made to sin or not to sin or to do anything, it all comes from our own hearts and our own choices that we make.

I recommend “The Bourne Ultimatum” to anyone who enjoyed the first two. The filming, while shot in the same dizzying style as “Supremacy,” is still excellent. Damon is still a strong Bourne. All the new actors make an impression, but returning stars Joan Allen and Julia Stiles continue to stand out. Mysteries are explained and some are left to our imagination. Above all, Bourne continues to stand out as an action hero who wants to do good when all his instincts and situations force or tell him to do evil.

Violence: Heavy / Profanity: Mild / Sex/Nudity: Minor

Viewer Comments
Positive—This movie was fast and furious from the very beginning. I did see the first two and this one lived up to both of them in action, suspense, mystery and intrigue. It is a heart-pounding, breath-taking, soul-stirring experience from Scene 1. The response that I heard from the Holy Spirit at the end of this movie was “This is how evil works. It starts out making you think that what you’re doing is good and that it must have a higher purpose than you can determine, but in the end it makes you come face to face with the fact that the failure was in you all the time.” I hope every Christian viewer that sees this movie comes away remembering that “the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord” (Romans 6:23). Many, many people were severely hurt or killed as the result of the choices of this one man. We can only surmise what caused “Jason Bourne” to decide to join this unit; something was missing, wounded or gravely hurt in him that would make killing come so easily. See all »
My Ratings: Offensive / 4½
Lisa Gross, age 48
Positive—WOW !! If you like your movies quiet and peaceful and slow, this is NOT the movie for you!!! If you like action flicks with CONSTANT action, then you will love this film. This is the best of the Bournes. It is slick, fast, full of action, and well done. It almost borders on frenetic. Beware, the Lord’s Name is profaned several times. Crude swear words are also used, sh__, etc. etc. No sex, no nudity, no industrial-strength “F” words. This is definitely NOT a chick flick.
My Ratings: Average / 5
Maggie, age 60
Positive—Personally, I found nothing objectionable with this film. The violence used shows that violence does not pay off in the end. The swearing is better than what you hear on most TV shows. There is no nudity and the one sex scene is a flashback from the first movie which shows two people kissing with their clothes on. I think this is a great movie and not objectionable for anyone over 13 years old, if watched with an adult that can explain that the violence is not to be glorified.
My Ratings: Better than Average / 5
Derek Armstrong, age 32
Positive—Fans of the Bourne series will not be disappointed. This movie essentially takes off where the previous one left off as Bourne suddenly is getting flashbacks of his origin and a secret section of the government that was not necessarily operating legitimately. Overall, I enjoyed this film. Production-wise, this film takes place in various locations around the world as Bourne tries to find the head of the organization that trained him to be an assassin. Pam Landy is back and she originally was called in to help track Bourne down again, but because of her suspicions, she sees that she may need to be more supportive of him. Noah Vosen is technically the “bad guy” of this film as we see him gradually change from trying to catch Bourne, to trying to kill him, to trying to kill him and anyone associated with him (AKA: Nicky from the second film who, once again is helping Bourne). See all »
My Ratings: Better than Average / 5
Howard, age 30
Positive—This is a fantastic thriller that had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. The action and story were extremely fast-paced, and yet I never lost the thread of thought; I always understood what was going on and why. All the acting was terrific. It is the best of the Bourne trilogy, and is definitely a satisfying conclusion to the story of Jason Bourne. There is lots of killing, so this movie is not for the squeamish. But as a spy thriller, this is way up there with the best. It is sophisticated, and the central figure finds his humanity amidst all the violence. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
My Ratings: Offensive / 5
Positive—Every time I go to see a movie I read reviews on Christian Spotlight before attending a movie. This movie was exceptional. It truly is the hit of the summer!!! As someone who has read the “Bourne” trilogy and viewed the previous movies many times I was not disappointed in “Bourne Ultimatum.” The movie does a good job explaining how David Webb became Jason Bourne. What is left out is why he chose to become Jason Bourne. I recommend reading the books if you would like more background on the “Why.” The chase scenes were exceptional. The fight scenes were so intense that both my brother and myself wanted to stand up and clap after each one because they were done so well. Jason Bourne is a true hero. As viewers we feel his pain and empathize with his mission. This is a must see… you won’t be disappointed.
My Ratings: Better than Average / 5
Greg Reecy, age 33
Positive—My husband and I went to the midnight showing of this espionage thriller. The movie was excellently put together. I cannot recall any curse words. It was not bloody and the fight scenes were intriguing. As stated in the description, Jason Bourne is a former CIA hit man trying to piece his life together. In this installment of the Bourne series we see him evolve from a hit man into a man of strong morale character. He makes it a habit to leave as few dead bodies in his wake as possible—choosing instead to render his opponents unconscious; whom in turn are using deadly force in their attempts to stop him from uncovering the truth. The biggest positive about this movie (besides the AWESOME fight scenes) is the fact that we see Jason Bourne value life as a precious gift from God.
My Ratings: Good / 5
Tara, age 35
Positive—This movie brings closure to the series, fast paced and fun! All of the action you would expect from a Bourne film, minus the language nudity and drug use! good movie in my book
My Ratings: Average / 3½
Seth, age 36
Positive—This was an amazing movie! Incredible acting by Matt Damon (like usual), and the supporting actors were great also! This was my favorite of the “Bournes.” The only warning I would give for this film is SOME language. There were too many misuses of Christ’s name—that was very unnecessary. Overall, though, great film. A MUST SEE!!!
My Ratings: Average / 5
Amanda, age 22
Positive—Best of the Bourne series. The time flew and the plot made sense. The film stands alone but seeing the previous two helps the viewer fill out the back story. There are many biblical themes one can pull from the movie to discuss. Two of the most prominent are forgiveness and seeking a second chance in life. Jason Bourne is desperately seeking to understand who he is and reconcile his past actions with who he wants to be. He is sorry for all of his assassinations and in one scene he says he “seeS their faces” and is sorry for what he has done. The trouble is while he seeking to understand who he is and what he has done, the CIA is trying to kill him because they still perceive him as a threat. Thus the violence—he no longer kills offensively, but only in a defensive mode—when someone is trying to kill him. Thus his dilemma. Jason is trying to make peace with his past. He is looking for a second chance. Who more than Jesus Christ can help us with that. Through His work on the cross, he provides perfect personal forgiveness and lays our past aside, giving us the preeminent second chance possible. It may be rough and tumble getting to that point with a relationship with Jesus, but peace is available. Ultimately, it comes down to a choice. Just as Jason learns he made a choice that sent him down a killer’s road, we too must make a choice about Jesus—and live with the consequences of that choice.

Christians can also appreciate Pamela Landy, a CIA insider, who offers Jason assistance when she sees her own agency engaging in tactics that she cannot endorse. Believers must do the same when we see injustices. Edmund Burke said it well when he said “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Have your Dramamine ready as there are many frenetic shots during fights scenes and the car chase. Foul language is there but does not dominate as it could have. God’s name is taken in vain. Violent action sequences so I suggest older teens who can understand violence in context of the situation.
My Ratings: Offensive / 4½
Jeff Mc, age 47
Positive—Absolutely amazing! This series has been fantastic, and this latest instalment doesn’t disappoint. It was intense action that kept you on the edge of your seat, a great story line, great soundtrack, and very clean! Although I wouldn’t bring anyone under 12, because of the violence. This film is well worth seeing in theatres.
My Ratings: Better than Average / 5
Sarah, age 18
Positive—I looked forward to this movie with great anticipation, and I was not disappointed. As a fan of spy thrillers, I rate the Bourne series with the best, and “Ultimatum” at the top of the Bourne series. As far as objectionable material, there were minor curse words. There was no sex or nudity (the only scene was one unoffensive kissing scene—Bourne’s flashback—which in Identity did lead to more explicit material). Violence is rather extreme, but Bourne uses violence as a means of defense or furtherance of his mission. It is not used simply to be used, and neither is it used with any light after effects. Matt Damon brought up this point when he, in an interview, contrasted the conscience-stricken Jason Bourne with James Bond, who is often seen smiling or drinking happily after killing. Jason Bourne finds no enjoyment in doing what he does. Now that he is trying to find answers, his torture over the inconsistency between what he did (and sometimes has to do) and what he really wants to be inside makes for fantastic viewing.

The complexity of the character of Jason Bourne is for me the best part of the series. He did volunteer to be part of the assassin’s program, but taking any action to escape it was forcefully denied him. Bourne was violently forced into submission through methods many criticize as inhumane even for Gitmo detainees. Withstanding all of this treatment, Bourne’s psyche was altered to contain a degree of numbness to his actions. Confronting amnesia ironically brought back pieces of his old self which served as a glass through which to view the assassinations he had committed as Bourne. In this new light, Jason Bourne became a conflicted person. And without all of his memory, he became both a hunter for his identity as well as a person hunted by his “creators.” The secrets he held, and the risk he posed (in the minds of the CIA) were considered too dangerous, and the CIA determined to “bring Bourne in”—or to eliminate him. See all »
My Ratings: Better than Average / 5
Carina, age 21
Positive—This movie typifies what smart entertainment really is. It’s not cool CGI or impressive explosions. It’s not sex or gore. Bourne doesn’t need CGI to look tough, I only counted one explosion, he finds no time for a liaison, and there is no gore. The only warning I have is for those offended by violence. There is blood and one particularly disturbing scene where Bourne strangles a man to death with his bare hands. Some would say Bourne puts too many lives in danger to meet his ends. I can’t argue with that. He is an assassin; Putting lives in danger is what he does. We can nitpick him for his dangerous behavior once he’s out of therapy for what his “creator” did to him. That’s right. Someone has made Bourne what he is and Bourne isn’t too happy about it. He means to hunt down this evil man and find out “why.” “Ultimatum” glorifies humans making moral decisions, even when it will cost them their lives. Several characters, including Bourne, make the “right” choice and pay a high price for it. This is probably the smartest, most thrilling movie I’ve seen this year. Make that two years. Okay, okay, since the Supremacy.
My Ratings: Offensive / 4½
Willow, age 18
Positive—I came fresh to this not having watched the previous Bourne films, but maybe it’s a good thing at my age! The thrills and spills never stop as director Paul Greengrass creates a documentary-style white knuckle ride through two hours of intrigue and mayhem. Matt Damon is superb as the amnesiac assassin in search for his lost identity, with strong performances from Joan Allen, Julia Stiles and David Straithairn.

The plot is absolutely preposterous, both in the way it shows the CIA working and in Damon’s seemingly indestrictable antihero—more like Superman that flesh and blood. I mean, who else can jump off walls, run about three miles, jump through a window, and then have the energy to take out a top assassin after a long fight? But Greengrass' direction is so thrilling that one willingly suspends disbelief. It is shot with shakey camera style, so sit near the back rather than at the front of the cinema, else you may get travel sick!

One caveat I would have is that Bourne is so invincible, there is little real identification possible with the character. The other is that the film is very violent, so parents with children be warned! I do wonder just how much of this violence tranlates on to the streets of our cities when young people, having watched their heroes on screen, try and act it out for real.
My Ratings: Average / 4½
Ken Edwards, age 59
Positive—This movie was so awesome. I’m a fan of all the Bourne movies. Seeing as how it’s PG-13, I wouldn’t advise young children to view it because of the violence. But it is such an intense, on the edge of your seat movie. Good acting, and a well laid out story line.
My Ratings: Good / 4½
Britney J., age 18
Positive—…the action in this movie was sensational, but nothing, I mean nothing, can beat the car chase scene in the first movie. The acting was very good and plot even better. As a christian, I respect movies that don’t have obscene sexual scenes and scripts filled with every curse word known to man and more. And for the most part that’s what this film displayed. It wasn’t absolutely clean, but it helps when you don’t have to close your eyes or plug your ears as much. If you’re a fan of the Bourne movies, this is a must see. …the film was average, but I wouldn’t bring kids under 16, maybe 15.
My Ratings: Average / 4
Gene Cooks, age 32
Positive—Nothing really too offensive; a little creepier than the prequels, a little bit of gore, filmmaking really terrible though. Unfortunately, this …is true of the Bourne movies: You’ve seen one you’ve seen them all.
My Ratings: Moral rating: Average / Moviemaking quality: 2½
Maggie, age 21
Positive—The Bourne Ultimatum is one of the best movies of its time. It is action-packed through the entire film, with shooting, punching, and explosions, thus making it awesome. Language isn’t very harsh unlike in the other Bourne films each with one F-word, this movie has none. Sex is nonexistent, there are flashbacks of kissing as said in the review, which don’t find to be to offensive. Drugs and alcohol are a non-issue, I am almost certain there is none. Violence, as I stated before, permeates this movie however of the four bad things, sex, drugs, violence, and language, I consider violence to be the least. Overall, this movie is amazing the fight scenes and car chases are shot perfectly and the action is non-stop. Definitely one of the best action movies I have seen and I reccomend it to everyone.
My Ratings: Moral rating: Average / Moviemaking quality: 5
Sean, age 20
Neutral—Bourne Ultimatum picks up almost to the point of where the second movie left off. Jason Bourne is on the run once again. In fact, most of the movie is spent on him running. The bad guys are supposed to be good guys, the US government. Yet, the tired plot point of a megalomaniac official versus the one who 'didn’t sign up for this,' is used; however, it works. The technology used to not only trace a person, but to keep track of him is fascinating, if not scary. All Bourne movies have an incredible fight scene and an over the top car chase scene. The tight camera shots made me wince, as I seemed to experience the crunch and impact of the cars smashing each other. In between the action is Jason trying to remember. Who is he? And there is the why of who he is. Jason ultimately gets his answers, and we wait for a fourth installment. Can Matt Damon’s body hold up to this punishing role?

It is difficult, the case in most movies lately out, to realize the good guy I’m rooting for lies, steals, kills, and damages lives. It makes for good conversation afterwards with my teenager about what is admirable in the protagonist. 'Good will become evil, and evil good' is something I reflect upon as I see movies gray the area of who and what comprises a “good guy.” The PG-13 rating is commendable. There is a limited profanity, and the action is not gratuitous. What was objectionable was the barrage of R-rated previews. Can’t we keep them at the rating we are watching? Why subject under 17 year olds to a movie preview they won’t be allowed to see?
My Ratings: Average / 5
Pam Webb, age 50+
Neutral—For all I could tell, CGI was not employed in this film. If it was used, well, it was used sparingly and seamlessly. This is always a plus—in any movie. My only qualm with this flick is using God’s name as swear words. Seriously. Of all the epithets they could have included, and believe me, they certainly did NOT choose any OTHER, they opted for profaning our heavenly Father. Read Russell Sterger’s comment in the negative section. It’s amusing and he expresses my sentiments exactly, just very eloquently. Now, I tend to go with the “suspension of disbelief” approach to movieviewing. As such, the idiosyncrasies common to the Bourne franchise don’t bother me as much, but I do take note of them. This latest installment to the series is still a solid action flick that’s lightyears beyond most in the genre, and for that, I did enjoy Ultimatum.
My Ratings: Average / 4
Jacob Keenum, age 21
Negative—Bourne is a man in crisis. He can’t remember his past. He is uncertain about his future. He needs to know the truth. He also has magic powers that would put Spiderman and Superman to shame. He leaps through the air, crashes through windows, drives off 10 story buildings, piles cars up like metal burritos, defies gravity and then miraculously walks away with only a limp. The holes in logic of this film defy description. We have a “Covert Op” of the CIA that apparently has the capability to control every camera, hear every cell phone, read every floor plan of every building ever made anywhere on the planet at any time. And yet, Jason Bourne can walk right into their headquarters, steal top secret documents and then dematerialize like Frodo with a clocking device, without anyone even looking up from their laptops. Who’s monitoring these cameras in London, by the way? Trained monkeys? They don’t notice that their being moved at will?

Oh, did I mention that Bourne can travel at the speed of light? He can apparently move from country to country like most of us move from the refrigerator to the kitchen table. Not that he would ever need either one, because apparently he doesn’t need to eat or drink. Anything. Ever. See all »
My Ratings: Offensive / 3
Russell Sterger, age 50
Negative—To be honest, I have been very dissapointed with all the positive reviews that this film has garnered. The movie is very mediocre compared to its predecessors and leaves much to be desired. The plot is weak and throws characters in and out of Bourne’s crosshairs with very little development. The entire movie is set at such a frantic pace that eventually it doesn’t even feel like action anymore, but rather becomes a blur of car crashes and explosions. The first two movies incorporated clever plots and good character development, but this closer to the trilogy lacks in both areas. This film, unlike the other parts of the trilogy, I would hesitate to watch again. From a moral standpoint, the movie is fairly mild with limited profanity and non-graphic violence.
My Ratings: Better than Average / 3
Abraham, age 22
Comments from young people
Positive—This film was amazing in nearly every way, shape, and form. I found that the whole cast gave excellent performances (Especially Matt Damon, Julia Stiles, Joan Allen, and David Strathairn) I found that this installment had the same elements as the first, but on steroids. There was more action, almost as much intrigue, some twists (in my opinion), and a GREAT ending. From a Christian perspective, the characters used a handful of cuss words, and the Lord’s name was used inappropriately. Also, there were flashbacks to a scene in the first movie when Bourne and Marie were kissing while not fully clothed. These did not hinder my viewing experience too much and I am planning on seeing it again in the VERY near future. Yes, it was THAT good.
My Ratings: Offensive / 5
Joe, age 15
Positive—This is truly one of the best movies of the year! The acting is terrific, the film quality is mind-blowing and the morality is refreshingly wholesome. There are only two cautions: the first is the language—there are quite a few instances of God’s name being taken in vain. The second caution is the very violent previews (all of them are pretty brutal except the trailer for “National Treasure: Book of Secrets,” which was WONDERFUL!). But all in all, “The Bourne Ultimatum” is a great movie—it really ties up the whole story of Jason Bourne. Definitely stay till the end—and watch carefully! You may be surprised!
My Ratings: Good / 5
Trisha, age 16
Positive—This was an outstanding film… well, I suppose I should say it was for a particular crowd. If you are a Bourne fan then this is another to add to the collection. The actors were most of the same ones, but as always a great cast. I personally love these kinds of movies because it is one of the few that I have a hard time predicting what will happen next in the film, it kept me on the edge of my toes throughout the whole movie. Morally the film was good other than a few swear word and heavy action. Sure it may offend some with its “government has gone corrupt atmosphere” but I mean come on it’s just a movie. I love to make movies and I always love it when Directors of Photography take “risky shots” for the movie business anyway. Such occurred in this film, the camera would shake when it got close to someone talking. It gave you the feeling that you were their and rather than view it with your eyes you got out your camcorder and tried to capture what they were saying. It was very neat. Overall, I gave this film a 4 out of 5 because few films in my book deserve a 5. It didn’t step over any biblical boundaries in my book other than, as I said, a few swear word and strong violence. It is worth the trip to the theater!
My Ratings: Good / 4
Brent, age 17
Positive—This was the best movie of the year and one of the best action movies ever. There’s nothing offensive but occasional mild language and some violence
My Ratings: Excellent! / 5
Nate, age 14
Positive—I really enjoyed this movie. I think anyone who enjoyed the first two will like it also. Very fast paced with great action, it kept me engaged the whole time. Some people have complained of the shaky camera work, but it didn’t bother me and my friends. The plot took a lot of twists and turns, but I found it rather easy to follow. It is also VERY important to view the Bourne Identity and the Bourne Supremacy before you see this one. Regarding offensive material, I thought the language was mild compared to most PG-13 movies. The action is very intense. Lots of shooting, fighting, and other violent material, but it was what was to be expected from a movie like this. It wasn’t anything worse than in the first two movies. I agree with the rating that it is not for kids under 13. All in all, I loved this movie. It brought everything together with a great plot, awesome acting and, of course, tons of action.
My Ratings: Average / 5
Josh, age 16
Positive—After seeing this movie, I am officially a Matt Damon fan! This movie was absolutely incredible mainly because it was a different sort of movie. Instead of fight scenes every other minute, this movie really only contained 3 fight scenes, but the way they built up those scenes so that it would be great was absolutely amazing. Another thing I loved was the wittiness of Jason Bourne. Several times in the theater we all started clapping after Bourne had, once again, outwitted his opponent. The only objectionable material in the whole movie is the cussing. There are a couple of instances where they say s*** and some scenes where they take the Lord’s name in vain, but other than that it was nice to see an action film with no nudity or sex. I give this movie a 10 all the way!
My Ratings: Better than Average / 5
Kurt, age 16
Positive—This was an AMAZING movie—by far best of summer. …a GREAT ending.
My Ratings: Average / 5
Nate Doederlein, age 13
Positive—I thought this movie was amazing. If you’re a Bourne fan like I am, you won’t be disappointed in this 3rd installment. It’s suspenseful and has you guessing and trying to figure out everything along with Jason. Not to mention, it has an AWESOME car chase scene. Mystery. Car chases. Explosions. Government corruption. Secret messages. Can a movie get any better?

As for objectionable content, the movie it somewhat violent. They’re really good at not being graphic, they leave some things to the imagination. It’s no more violent than you would see on any crime show on TV. There are a few bad words, but not as many as the other movies had. And, even then, they’re not heavy-duty words. I think there’s one or two S-words, and that’s about as intense as the language gets. I think this movie is great. I’m totally in love with the Bourne movies, and I will be adding this one to my DVD collection.
My Ratings: Better than Average / 5
Krystal C., age 17
Positive—There is only one way to start off this review: BEST MOVIE YET THIS YEAR! I was literally on the edge of my seat for half the movie. The action was amazingly choreagraphed and the acting was top-notch. extroardinary methods of filming, it makes you feel like you’re running right beside him. I enjoyed it even more than “live free or die hard” which was also an amazing action flick. this is the summer for exciting, enjoyable blockbusters.
My Ratings: Better than Average / 5
Joshua sullivan, age 13
Positive—Even if you haven’t seen the previous movies (as I have) you wil enjoy this movie. It is a little confusing at the beginning, but, as I said, it doesn’t matter, as they show clips from the first movie. There is plenty of action in this movie! As well as some bloodieness. But no sex/nudity and very little cussing, nothing to be a Christian should be offended by. Everybody in the theater I was in enjoyed greatly, espeically when they mentioned Kentucky (where I’m from). If you haven’t seen it, go see Bourne Ultimatum, it is definitely worth the money!!
My Ratings: Excellent! / 4½
Elizabeth Smith, age 16
Positive—I’ve waited all summer and avoided all other movies to see this one. The Bourne Ultimatum is slightly the best of the trilogy. It follows the other two movies in providing great action, mystery, a good script, and all around smart entertainment (only it does this in a slightly better fashion). As usual, this installment of the Bourne trilogy doesn’t follow the plumb line of the average action movie. It has much less objectionable content, the violence is not senseless, and Bourne doesn’t feel the urge to go around killing everyone in sight because he can or because he feels like it (he actually has a conscience). Also, unlike most action movies, the story doesn’t feel like it’s just sort of pinned on as an afterthought. It is actually complex and real. That’s basically how I’d sum up the movie, but to help you out with the discernment choice, I’ll give you more detail.

While most action films will be headed for either straight mediocrity in your opinion or for the trash bin based strictly on the moral quality, the Bourne Ultimatum is not like that. However, the moral rating of the Bourne Ultimatum comes more from its lack of immoral content than its showcasing of good moral content (although there is a little of this). Sexual content is practically non-existent except for the extremely mild flashback of Bourne kissing his girlfriend (and no they’re not in the shower like the reviewer said). As I’ve said before, I don’t consider violence to be offensive as long as it has a proper context and is not senseless. Nevertheless, for those of you interested in its appropriateness, I’ll lay it down for you. This third installment does have a little more action and violence than the last two Bourne films, but it still isn’t that bloody and it still isn’t gratuitous. There are multiple times where we see Bourne badly beating up someone comi ng after him, but he only knocks them out (with one exception). There is a rather chaotic car chase (and crash) late in the movie that leaves at least one man with a big bloody gash on his head, but we see no one else hurt. One man is shot in the head and we see the blood (though it’s still not as bad as usual) another is shot in the head (with no blood) in a flashback, and another dies in an explosion (but we don’t even see anything happen to him, we just know he’s dead). Language is in much less quantity than your average action film, but sadly it isn’t completely absent. The movie has a few mild profanities, three or four misuses of God’s name in profanity, and between 5-10 misuses of Jesus' name. See all »
My Ratings: Better than Average / 4½
Ross, age 17
Positive—“Bourne Ultimatum” is by far one of the best action/adventure movies ever to hit the big screen. Not to mention the fact that it has a gripping plot and amazing acting. A great end to a good trilogy, but cleaner than the other ones. No F-Word, which was typical in the other 2. No sex, unless you count a very brief flashback which has already been commented on. The language was minimal, mainly consisting of D**n and H**l. There were no GD’s and far as I remember, and only a few uses of the Lord’s name in vain. The violence is pretty much the same as any other PG-13 movie, but it does not spend much time focusing on killing. 'He drove off the roof!'
My Ratings: Better than Average / 5
Steve, age 14
Positive—Best movie I’ve seen so far. Bourne beats Bond for sure. (keep in mind that I’m a very big Bond fan) The action was great, never a dull moment. The filming was out of this world, the angles, everything! Acting was awesome, A LOT of stunt work. There wasn’t that much language in it, which is surprising for movies today that normally use the f-word all the time, even for PG-13. No sexual scenes except for a brief shot of Bourne kissing his girlfriend in the shower from the previous movies, but no nudity was shown. Anyway, great movie, from 1-5 stars, I give it a 6.
My Ratings: Better than Average / 5
Chris, age 13
Positive—I absolutely loved the first two, but the third was definitely the best. The action sequences were awesome. I was bothered by the shaky camera work, but you get used to it. The plot had good depth, and had no loose ends. There was some profanity, most of which was the Lord’s name in vain, which bothers me, but much cleaner than most other films of this genre. Overall, I love all three of the films, GO JASON BOURNE!
My Ratings: Better than Average / 4½
Joel Dugard, age 15
Positive—I pretty much agree with all the positive reviews. This was the only entirely undisappointing sequel of the summer. I have to admit that it was too much like “The Bourne Supremacy.” I really liked it though. I am confused about why so many people criticized the camera work in this film and that in “The Bourne Supremacy.” It was entirely and obviously intentional. It was an artistic choice. To those who made rude and pointless comments like 'it was like a two year old jumping up and down with a camcorder' that is just rude. It was a smart and realistic and edgy choice by the director which I found extremely effective. The camera work puts the viewer in the movie with a handheld documentary feel. It’s like the Office, it’s a smart choice. It made me feel like I was in a fight scene, or car wreck, or chase scene. I think Paul Greengrass took the idea a little over the top in the scene where the British guy was interviewing the source, but it was not an accident. I mean the cameraguy had to jump up and down to get that shot. For people who called it amateur, try remembering “Saving Private Ryan”'s famous scene on the beaches. …
My Ratings: Average / 4½
William, age 16
Positive—I think this is perhaps the best film of the summer next to “Transformers,” although it rates higher morally. The language in the movie is very mild, in fact, I heard worse language from the audience exiting the theater. The violence is completely in context. This, however, inhibits it from younger viewers as it is quite intense. The most intense point being the strangulation of a man. However, I find the violence dealt out by the hero, Bourne, is completely logical. It is “kill or be killed.” Several points came in the movie where he “has the drop on” his assailants and they can do nothing about it. I cringe as I expect him to fire upon the now-harmless victims, but he doesn’t. No sexual content is featured in this film.
My Ratings: Moral rating: Good / Moviemaking quality: 5
John Berk, age 14
Positive—Although I haven’t even seen Bourne Identity and only Bourne Supremacy on TV, I still can say that I thoroughly enjoyed this film. Some may be frightened away from the trilogy based on how Jason Bourne is a killing machine. At the end of Ultimatum, however, Bourne finally realizes his terrible mistakes and stops listening to his programmed, killing instincts. He even decides not to kill the man who was in charge of changing him from the patriot David Webb to the killer Jason Bourne. Another thing that people might think about the Bourne trilogy is that it makes the CIA look bad. However, at the end of the Bourne Ultimatum, Pamela Landy, a true CIA agent, states that, “This is not us.” after she finds out about the whole conspiracy of Tidewater.

The only offensive material found in this film is the violence and language. Unfortunately, there is more violence then seen in the previous movie, Bourne Supremacy. The most disturbing of which is a scene where Bourne and a CIA hitman are fighting it out by exchanging karate moves (for a little too long). Even in the martial arts used in the R rated “Equilibrium” isn’t as bad. The language is also something that parents might worry about. I heard the Lord’s name taken in vain several times. There was very little language apart from what I just mentioned. There were a few cuss words, but nothing to be truly significant. There was also no sex or nudity at all. Bourne does have a flashback of him and his former girlfriend kissing in the shower. All though this scene was inappropriate, it was obvious that both persons were clothed. Thank goodness that it was not the alternative (which it very well could have been). See all »
My Ratings: Moral rating: Average / Moviemaking quality: 4½
Joseph Hughey, age 14