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War a.k.a. “Rogue,” “Rogue Assassin,” “Gad”

MPAA Rating: R-Rating (MPAA) for sequences of strong bloody violence, sexuality/nudity and language.
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Primary Audience:
Action, Thriller
1 hr. 43 min.
Year of Release:
USA Release:
August 24, 2007 (wide)
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Featuring: Jet Li (Rogue), Jason Statham, Nadine Velazquez, Andrea Roth, Kane Kosugi
Director: Philip G. Atwell
Producer: Peter Block, Steve Chasman, Mike Elliott, Joseph P. Genier, Michael Paseornek, Christopher Petzel, Jim Thompson
Distributor: Lions Gate Films

“One wants justice, the other wants revenge.”

Here’s what the distributor says about their film: “A full-throttle, martial arts thriller, Lionsgate’s ‘War’ stars Jet Li (‘Fearless,’ ‘Unleashed,’ ‘The One’) and Jason Statham (‘Crank,’ ‘The Italian Job’) as two adversaries set on a violent collision course in the Asian mob underground. Produced by Steven Chasman, Jim Thompson and Christopher Petzel, ‘War’ is directed by Philip G. Atwell from a script by Lee Anthony Smith and Gregory J. Bradley.

After his partner is brutally murdered by the infamous assassin Rogue (Jet Li), FBI agent Jack Crawford (Jason Statham) vows to find the elusive killer and personally avenge his partner’s death. But Rogue proves untraceable until three years later when he resurfaces to ignite a bloody turf war between Chinese mob leader Chang (John Lone) and Japanese Yakuza boss Shiro (Ryo Ishibashi). Eager to capture Rogue once and for all, Crawford leads his team of crime specialists headlong into the conflict. But Crawford’s thirst for vengeance jeopardizes his professional judgment, and as the violence escalates, Crawford finally comes face to face with his enemy to discover that nothing about Rogue or his plan is quite what it seems.”

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Viewer Comments
Negative—My husband my I went to see this movie the very first night it came out. It was our anniversary! My husband is a huge Jet Li fan, so I agreed . As the film started, there was the F-** word, and the m-f-word and it continued right through out the movie. There were sex scenes that was unnecessary. There was killing with blood that was truly gut wrenching. This movie depicted Japanese as gang members all with evil motives. I should have followed my gut and walked out. I was so uncomfortable. As a christian we need to be able to make moral choices and watching this film you would feel the need to repent.This is clearly not a family film. This could have been a good movie minus the language, sex and killing. Story line was okay.
My Ratings: Extremely Offensive / 1½
Tracy, age 33
Neutral—I saw this movie with my boyfriend. He loves action movies. This movie definitely had a lot of action, however if you think that the movie is going to amaze you with martial arts and Jet Li’s presence, you’re wrong. Jet Li really has no important dialog. Aside from all the violence, the story line is interesting and you have to pay attention, yet the gross twists will make you almost chuckle to yourself thinking “who comes up with this stuff?!” There wasn’t too much sexuality/nudity. only a pointless scene where a woman undresses in front of Jet Li wearing only a thong. That was a little more uncomfortable to watch than the sex scene with prostitutes in the underground club (beginning of film). This is not a movie for anyone under 18 years old. Overall, it was okay. I am a true movie critic and this movie just didn't play out like it should've! C- overall
My Ratings: Average / 3½
Sophia, age 20
Negative—I didn’t finish this movie because it was quite offensive. Not too long after it began there was a scene of an underground gang hideout where sex and gambling were being glorified! There was also unnecessary violence, including a scene where a man’s ear is cut off and it fell to the ground, and many other scenes with bloody killing. Both the good guys and bad guys were ruthless. However, I couldn’t take anymore when a woman undressed herself in front of Jet Li for no reason at all. I felt disgusted. Christians should stay away from this one, it doesn’t have much more than sex and much violence to offer.
My Ratings: Very Offensive / 3
Emmanuel, age 24