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Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li

MPA Rating: PG-13-Rating (MPA) for sequences of violence and martial arts action, and some sensuality.

Reviewed by: Aron Maberry
CONTRIBUTOR—first time reviewer

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Teens, Adults
Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Thriller
1 hr. 50 min.
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USA Release:
February 27, 2009
DVD: June 30, 2009
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VIOLENCE—How does viewing violence in movies affect families? Answer

Featuring Kristin Kreuk (Chun-Li)
“Smallville”—TV series—Lana Lang

Michael Clarke Duncan, Moon Bloodgood, Chris Klein, Neal McDonough, Brahim Achabbakhe, Russell Geoffrey Banks, Edmund Chen, Pei-pei Cheng, Cullet Eric, Josie Ho, Tim Man, Erik Markus Schuetz, Brendan Miller, Robin Shou, Taboo, Krystal Vee
Director Andrzej Bartkowiak
Producer Adlabs Films, Capcom Company, Hyde Park Films, Patrick Aiello, Ashok Amritraj, Manu Gargi, Keiji Inafune, Russell D. Markowitz, Haruhiro Tsujimoto
Distributor Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation

“Some fight for power. Some fight for us.”

“Based on the popular video game franchise, female fighter Chun Li embarks on a quest for justice.”

As the movie started I thought to myself this will be a good movie. I was wrong.

“Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li” starts off with a good story line of Chun-li’s (Kristin Kruek) childhood. Explaining family situations and how her father taught her to ultimately become a wushu master. Sadly, after the first few moments the story started to become pointless and long-winded.

As a child Chun Li saw her father kidnapped by Bison (Neal McDonough) and his henchman Balrog (Michael Clarke Duncan). She grows up to become a pianist which had no relevance to the movie other then the fact that the music made the movie a little better. After a concert, Chun Li receives an ancient scroll which latter reveals to her that she is to leave her life as she knows it and move to Bangkok and live on the streets and become one with the city, while she pursues a man named Gen. Saying goodbye to her mother’s grave (which the tombstone changed last names in the movie—first, it read “Xiang then Huang”), as she died of cancer, Chung Li left all she knew to become one with Bangkok. From here she meets Gen, and he teaches her to lose her anger, and how to become one with herself to defeat Bison.

In the midst of this we meet Charlie Nash (Chris Klein) and Det. Maya Sunee (Moon Bloodgood) who are police working on the details surrounding all the events. To me, they were rather pointless in the movie, other then you got to see different events from their angles.

The movie starts off pretty clean, but ends up giving to many pointless suggestions and offenses throughout. There were 2 D*** words, 1 BS, 1 B**** and 2 S****. Charlie Nash and Det. Sunee uncover severed heads which were planted by Bison. We see Chung Li in a club with drinking and close ups of women’s bodies dancing. Chung Li proceeds to seduce another woman on the dance floor, which just was confusing to me. Later, you see Bison punching this woman’s dead body like a punching bag. You see several women’s undergarments while poll dancing in the club, and you see Det. Maya Sunee in her bra after taking a shower. You will also see a neck snapped twice, and a baby ripped out of a mother’s abdomen (ridiculous part of the story). Lastly, you will see several “henchmen” and police killed in battles—which are not depicted too much.

The fight scenes in the movie are definitely the highlight of the film. They are done remarkably well, considering how mediocre the rest of the movie is. Sadly, the most anticipated fight scene with Vega (Taboo) was a joke.

Chung Li throughout the movie keeps a moral standard when it comes to helping those around her. You see her giving money and coming to the aid of those in need around her. Jesus said, whatever you do for the least of these you do for me. This quality you can see in her.

I personally wanted to like this film walking into the theater. I really think Kristin Kruek is a great actress from “Smallville,” however, the lack of story is what ended up killing the movie in the end. The last words suggest a sequel, and I pray it is better then this movie, if made.

Violence: Moderate / Profanity: Mild / Sex/Nudity: Moderate

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Negative—I must say that this movie was completely horrible, not even in a terribly awesome kind of way, more like a “Did you really do street fighter such an injustice” kind of way.

The dialogue is laughable, pretty much everyone just say one liners the entire time, acting is grade D, and the fighting? Well, although the first fight was pretty killer (And gave me hope), the rest looked people attached to wires doing an interpretive dance. Pointless scenes and horrendous editing make this movie an epic fail. Not to mention the final scene between Bison and Chun-Li is a complete joke. I really don’t know how the executives at the major film companies didn’t pull the plug after seeing this movie.
My Ratings: Moral rating: Average / Moviemaking quality: ½
Tim Whitaker, age 20 (USA)
Negative—First and foremost, when I learnt that a new street fighter was in production, I was quite high with excitement cuz of the dreadful Van Damme movie. After months of anticipation, the cast list was released, and it was then I realized that my happiness was on misplaced hope for the movie. I really don’t know why movie producers take delight in ruining franchises. Chun-li, as gamers all know, is pure Asian, so whoever suggested making Kreuk (who is Canadian) as the “chun” should be given 100 lashes! Secondly why make chunli the lead character, when everybody knows its Ryu (it’s like having a Spider-man movie, but rather, it focuses more on JJ Jameson!). This feature can be attributed to nothing more than racism! Then the part that left me speechless was Bison. Ah the beloved M.Bison. Here he is made to wear a business suit! Can u imagine a business suit! I later read up that the director wanted to make it as realistic as possible. Look, if movies were based on realism, then Spider-man would be swinging around in chinos pants and a sweat shirt. Superman would have been flying around in a blazer! While Batman would be in a police uniform!

Just what is wrong with these movie producers! You have the Udon comics for a great storyline, or better yet go to the Internet for each character profile—it’s there! why give us such a lousy storyline. Fans complained and made suggestions, unfortunately, it all fell on deaf ears, and the result, one of Hollywood’s worst and wasted franchises!!!…
My Ratings: Moral rating: Extremely Offensive / Moviemaking quality: ½
Jus Blaze, age 30 (Nigeria)
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