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Wild Card

MPAA Rating: R-Rating (MPAA) for strong violence, language and some sexuality/nudity.
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Action Crime Thriller Drama Remake Adaptation
1 hr. 32 min.
Year of Release:
USA Release:
January 30, 2015
DVD: March 31, 2015
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gambling addiction

gambling in the Bible

Should Christians be involved with lotteries or other forms of gambling? Answer



Featuring: Jason StathamNick Wild
Michael Angarano … Cyrus Kinnick
Dominik García-Lorido … Holly
Hope Davis … Cassandra
Milo Ventimiglia … Danny DeMarco
Max Casella … Osgood
Stanley TucciBaby
Jason AlexanderPinky
Sofia VergaraDD
Anne HecheRoxy
François Vincentelli … Benny
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Director: Simon West
Producer: Lionsgate
SJ Heat Productions
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Distributor: Lionsgate

“He’s all in”

Here’s what the distributor says about their film: “A recovering gambling addict finds work providing protection to his friends. This is a remake of the 1987 Burt Reynolds feature film. This tightly-wound action-thriller tells the story of Nick Escalante (Statham), whose compulsive gambling has led him to the streets of Vegas, where he takes odd jobs providing “security” to support his addiction. His professional and personal lives collide, when his friend is brutally beaten, forcing him to take on the mob.”

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Negative—I was watching this with my husband, and when it got to the scene of a lady who had been raped about to cut the testicles off of the man who raped her, I burst into an argument with my husband. I believe this movie is completely inappropriate for a Christian, for so many reasons. It portrays the woman as being a whore, and then she is mad that she was “raped” and finds it okay to cut the testicles off the man who raped her.

I am angry about this film, and angry that my husband is justifying that it is okay to watch this film as a Christian. I wish there were some way that I could explain to him, that it is not okay, and I am in my room praying that the Holy Spirit convicts him.
Adrienne, age 44 (USA)
Movie Critics
…cliché-ridden plot… [1½/4]
Lou Lumenick, New York Post
…“Wild Card” comes out as a redux of “The Gambler,” with Nick blaring his inability to quit betting while he’s ahead. … [1½/4]
Ed Gonzalez, Slant magazine
…underwhelming though slickly helmed crime flick… will be a letdown to anyone looking for a real thrill ride. …
Jordan Mintzer, The Hollywood Reporter
…the Las Vegas setting feels stale… Slow-motion knockouts follow, with Mr. Statham as sure-fisted as ever, but the “Expendables” director Simon West can only summon dead air in between. …
Nicolas Rapold, The New York Times
…Unpredictable and offbeat without being particularly good… leaving one with the impression that a lot of stylishness has been flaunted without much to show for it. …
Tim Grierson, Screen Daily

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