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Operation Condor

Reviewed by: Tim Emmerich

Very Offensive
Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
15 to Adult
Action Adventure
103 min.
Year of Release:
1990, 1997

Starring: Jackie Chan, Carol Cheng, Eva Dobo De Garcia, Ikeda Shoko / Director: Jackie Chan / Released by: Dimension Films

Tremendous action and stunts! Jackie Chan once again brings us heart-pounding, edge of your seat, ACTION! The action is terrific, which makes up for the thin plotline. This is a wonderful film, especially considering it was originally released 7 years ago! Some of the dubbing takes a bit away from the movie and, hence, the reason I gave it 3½ stars instead of 4 for moviemaking quality.

Secret Agent Jackie, codenamed Condor, is commissioned by the United Nations to help recover a stash of gold buried somewhere in the Sahara by German soldiers towards the end of World War 2. Jackie is joined by three beautiful women: an archaeologist, the daughter of the German commander that hid the gold and hasn’t been seen since, and a hitchhiker. It turns out that a lot of people want this gold, but they want all 240 tons of it themselves! So immediately, Condor is having to dodge bad guys and terrorists as they travel from Spain to the Sahara desert!

From a Christian perspective, the numerous fight scenes may turn you off. Further, ladies do get hit in this movie and also do their share of hitting back. The most offensive is some brief nudity as the backside of one of the ladies is shown while in the shower. Also, the towels of ladies just out of the shower are removed in an attempt to distract some of the many “bad” guys that catch the heros (thankfully, only their backs are shown but you know what is happening).

While I don’t recall the language being perfectly clean, it is cleaner than most action flicks. One should still weigh the warnings above before seeing this movie (A Veggie Tale is a good alternative!).

For die-hard Jackie Chan fans, this is a must-see. The action is more non-stop than his “First Strike” movie with some spectacular stunts (ever thought of fighting in a wind tunnel??). Further, you will get a few chuckles as mostly-appropriate comedy is added.

Viewer Comments
When you go see a Jackie Chan movie, you have to expect at least three things: some bad dubbing, a ridiculous plot, and extremely spectacular stunts. If you don’t like movies with cheesy plots, don’t go see this movie, but if you can look past that, then it is an enjoyable film. “Operation Condor” also has a bit of a departure from the more violent scenes from movies like “Rumble in the Bronx” and “Supercop”. This tends to lighten the mood of the movie a bit. It is probably one of the funniest of this talented star/director’s movies.
Milo Lydon, age 15
Being an Asian-American, I am pleased to see that Mr. Chan is well received by American movie goers because the U.S. is known worldwide for its superior movie making quality and special effects. Although I sank in my seat because of the language dubbing, I began to sit up straight in my seat as the audience “ooh”-ed and “awh”-ed at the awesome acrobatics and fighting scenes. Jackie’s movies are really awesome because they are action packed with no room for sex scenes. That is where his movies are more superior to the ordinary action movies, because the hero doesn’t have to commit fornication to be cool. He should become a Christian, if he isn’t one already…
Miller Nguyen, age 22
“Operation Condor” was Jackie Chan’s worst movie. It’s too insignificant to give a Christian opinion of it! It was stupid and the plot made no sense… I guess it’s because of the dubbing and restructure of the story. Kids will love it because of the Power Rangers style violence so if any parents let their kids see this one, be on guard for Jackie Chan-like antics in your backyards this summer.
Chris Utley, age 24