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First Strike

Reviewed by: Jeffrey Marshall

Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
Teens Adults
Action Adventure
120 min.

Action movies—this term always conjures up stereotypical images of chases, over-the-top explosions, heart-wrenching fight scenes… And Jackie Chan’s “First Strike” has them all!

Jackie Chan has a style all his own. He is most well known for performing his well-choreographed fight scenes and death-defying stunts. And that is what makes “First Strike” a movie worth the ticket price.

Many Christians will object to the continued fighting and violence, and to the three expletives included. Some will also object to a humorous scene in which we get a pretty good shot of Chan’s naked backside. But, it is important to note, the attitude behind this movie is fun. It is difficult to assume that the intentions behind the violence and the single bare-butt shot is nothing more than fun—pure and simple.

This is a fun spy movie with some breathtaking stunts, and unforgettably choreographed fight sequences. Some viewers will find the half-dubbed/half-English language style a bit distracting. However, there is no hidden-meaning or deep spiritual significance, other than the cliche' good vs. evil (and good wins again!). If violence is an issue, this is not the movie for you. Once again, there is one naked tush, but the movie has no real sexual overtones or content, for that matter.

If you want to get away, and you want to be wowed by one awesome talent, this movie is a reasonable choice. It’s exciting, funny, and well worth the money.

Year of Release—1997

Viewer Comments
If you like Jackie Chan this one is definitely for you! Or even if you just like action movies. It had very little profanity (2-3 words). No sex, although there is one part were viewers see Chan’s bare rear end, but its not sexual in any way. There is some karate style violence but it is not graphic (no blood, very little weapons, no gore). Chan’s character is a good example because he doesn’t look for trouble and when he is involved in fighting he does it out of self defense. With no sex, little cussing, brief violence, and a hard to figure out but good plot, this movie is REALLY worth watching.
Tobias. L.F, high school age