Pray for influential leaders in Hollywood and the media

  • Father, with an expectant heart, I ask You to draw _______ to Yourself. Pierce _______’s heart with the Good News about your love. Lead _______ to repentance through Your kindness (John 6:4; Acts 2:37-38; Rom. 2:4).

  • …that their eyes will be opened to God’s wisdom and that they will come to follow Jesus Christ as their only hope of salvation
  • …that the Lord will move them to sincere repentance for their sins
  • …for God’s personal impact on these influential people’s lives
  • …for a deep relationship with their Creator
  • …for His guidance and wisdom for them
  • …that their decisions will come to be infused with a strong, moral dimension and with a commitment to use the power of media to uplift, inspire, and unify
  • Father, give wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to media leaders as they make decisions in program and movie development. Save them from the ways and words of worldly wisdom. Keep them from receiving counsel from those who walk outside Your truth and who have cynical attitudes. Remove the influence of anything evil, perverse, and faithless (Prov. 2:6, 12-15; 1 Cor. 3:19; Psa. 1:1, 101:3-4).

  • O God, create in industry decision-makers a sensitivity to the power that words and images have for good or evil. Remind them that they will have to give an account for their decisions (Prov. 18:21; Matt. 12:36).

  • Enable the media to see children as You see them, Father, and to use caution and discernment in seeking to protect their innocence (Mark 9:42).

  • Creator God, You hold marriage and family relationships in high regard. Cause them to be portrayed in and through the media as good and honorable (Heb. 13:4).

  • Lord, bring media themes and products that communicate Your truth into the forefront. Guide people to create entertainment that encourages positive life choices that are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, and praiseworthy (Dt. 30:19; Phil. 4:8).

  • By Your grace, O God, teach Christian viewers to say “no” to ungodliness and worldy passions and to be self-controlled in their media choices. Teach them to lay hold of Your promises so they may escape corruption in the world. Holy Spirit, convict them of double-mindedness that sends mixed messages to movie and program producers (Titus 2:11-12; 2 Pet. 1:3-4; Jas. 4:8). (See: Why does Hollywood continue to promote immoral programming?)

  • Lord of the harvest, provide celebrities, media professionals, and their families with radical, life-changing encounters with You. use them as chosen instruments to take your message to people in high places (Acts 9:1-19).

  • What is being done to change the values of Hollywood? Answer
  • Is God making a difference in Hollywood? Answer

Pray for Christians in media

SEE: Hollywood and God, and Is God making a difference in Hollywood?

  • Lord of love, cause the love of Christians to abound in knowledge and depth of insight so they can pray with discernment for those who have authority in the media industry. Raise up intercessors who will commit to put on their armor and tear down industry strongholds in the fight against the kindgom of darkness (Philippians 1:9-11; 1 Tim. 2:1-2; 2 Cor. 10:3-4; Eph. 6:12-13).

  • Father, thank You for the often unseen, positive influences of Christians in media. Protect them from growing tired or discouraged as they face negative challenges in their industry. Help them to be salt and light to those around them (Gal. 6:9; Matt. 5:13-14).

  • God of hope, fill Christians in media with contagious joy and peace that overflows in hope. Show them how to abide in You so that their exemplary lives have an eternal impact on co-workers (Rom. 5:13; Mat. 5:15-16).

  • God, whenever Christians in media open their mouths, give them just the right words to share Your love without fear. Give them confidence to rely on Your help (Eph. 6:19; Heb. 13:6).

  • Lead Your people in media to be zealous and spiritually fervent, as they serve You. Raise up godly men and women who will lead by example (Rom. 12:11; 1 Cor. 11:1).

  • Bless the homes of media professionals. Build their families on Your wisdom; establish them through understanding. Teach their children so that Your peace rules (Prov. 3:33, 24:3; Isa. 54:13).

  • Lord God, protect Christians in media from envy and selfish ambition. Keep affluent ones from becoming arrogant. Teach them to put their hope in You, rather than wealth, as they are generous and rich in good deeds. Preserve their humility whenever they receive praise from others (James 3:16; 1 Tim. 6:17-18; Rom. 12:3).

  • God of endurance and encouragement, give those called by Your name in the media a spirit of unity among themselves as they follow Christ Jesus. Show them ways to encourage, support, and build each other up (Rom. 15:5; 1 Thess. 5:11).

  • Holy Spirit, remind Christians in the media to be sober and watchful so they can resist and overcome the enemy who is seeking to devour them (Rom. 8:37; 1 Pet. 5:8-9).

Today’s prayer focus

Hollywood signHollywood and God
What do celebrities believe about spiritual issues? Find out

Followers of Christ, our responsibility is to pray; theirs is to decide whether or not to allow God to work in and through them for noble purposes.

Christians have attempted many strategies to reform the media/entertainment field. Separatism, avoidance, organized boycotts, and angry protests have failed to redeem the media.

Despite the extraordinary influence of filmmakers, TV producers, actors, and musicians worldwide, seldom are they and their industries prayed for. Each of these people is but one miracle away from a vital faith in God!

Dr. Larry Poland

Dr. Larry Poland, CEO of MasterMedia International says:

Perhaps at no time in American history has such a small number of men and women wielded such awesome and continuing influence over so many others as do the leaders of our media. Yet, the few hundred people who control film, television, and print media are mostly unknown to the American people.

Because they are unknown, these leaders are seldom the object of the most powerful force on Earth—the power of prayer to the living God. If the scriptures had been written in this century, would not the exhortation to pray for those exercising governmental influence over us have been expanded to include those exercising media influence? I think so. Celebrities, television programs, and the music industry also influence the culture and deserve our prayers.

After more than two decades of meeting and working with top professionals in film and television, I tell you that many of them seek personal peace, love, forgiveness, and spiritual power. While research indicates that most media leaders have abandoned regular, religious practice, some do have a vital faith or are just “one miracle away” from having one.

I call upon you to pray earnestly for these people—both media leaders and cultural influencers.