Why does Hollywood continue to promote immoral programming?

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The immorality being produced by “Hollywood” is well-known throughout the world. Millions are affected by it. According to polls, many viewers would like to see Hollywood produce cleaner movies. So, if a great many consumers want more wholesome programming, why hasn't Hollywood changed?

The public is saying one thing, and doing another.

Who is the “King” of Hollywood?

Consumers need to ask themselves this question. Who is the “king” of Hollywood? It is the consumers. If you attend movies, that means you. Consumers have the answer in their wallets and purses, because it's they who buy the movie tickets. It is consumers who are ultimately paying the bills for the most expensive entertainment ever created.

Dick Rolfe, president of the Dove Foundation (a non-profit organization in the U.S. that recommends movies safe for family viewing), explains:

We live in a capitalistic society where the consumer is king, and the consumer, not the supplier, really determines what is going to be manufactured. And unfortunately we have a consumer public that has an avarice for sex and violence and for ‘naughty’ subjects.

Every time you buy a movie ticket or rent a video you are casting a vote and telling Hollywood "That's what I want."

There is, as we know in Christendom, that natural man in us that is always trying to get out. I think Hollywood has made a tremendous amount of money appealing to that raw nature - that natural man inside all of us. And what we're trying to do [at the Dove Foundation] is get the message back to the people to let them know that they vote with their feet. Every time you buy a movie ticket or rent a video you are casting a vote and telling Hollywood 'That's what I want. Give me more of that kind of material.'

Now many of my friends will make the excuse, 'Well I saw this R-rated movie. It was a great film, except… there was a little bit of profanity or there was a little bit of sex in it or nudity. Otherwise, it was a great film.' My response is: '…Hollywood doesn't read the exceptions. All they know is that you just spent 5 or 7 dollars on that film, and they assume that that's what you want.

Follow-through on your convictions

Your Vote Counts!

There are two critical parts to this issue. If you are a movie-goer (or video viewer), make sure you “vote” FOR the high-quality wholesome movies (by supporting them) and “vote” AGAINST the immoral, violent ones (don't buy tickets or rent those videos). Far too many Christians have failed on both counts. Their viewing habits are sadly all almost identical to those of non-Christians.

Dr. Michael Suman, coordinator of The Center for Communications Policy at the UCLA, gives the following example illustrating the unfortunate situation confronting “family film” producers. One of the studios produced a great wholesome, high-quality family film called The Little Princess that was enjoyed by all ages. Suman says this was exactly the type of film so many say they want to watch. It received critical acclaim and praise from all directions saying “what a great film.” Unfortunately it failed because far too few consumers bought tickets, sending Hollywood the wrong message. (The studio even released it twice. Still it failed.)

Character actor and independent film producer, Alvy Moore, has little respect for the mainstream movie industry.

If the public won't go and support a G-rated film, why should Hollywood make them? I don't really want to make a G-rated picture that's really good and all the people that have had faith in me and put up money go down the toilet, and never get any money back. I wouldn't make another one if that G-rated picture didn't work.

For this same reason, vulgar, immoral, and violence-filled movies pervade the market. Why? Because consumers “vote” for them by buying tickets. If the public really doesn't like all this sex and violence on TV, the most effective way to end it all is to stop watching the programs that contain it, but they have not.

There's just no getting around it, consumers are in charge. Your personal viewing and movie-going habits express your decision about the content of the media. You choose, personally, and you can influence the choices of others. You can influence Hollywood.

Another important way to influence Hollywood is to pray!

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