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How To Get The Best Out of TV
Before It Gets the Best of You

by Dale and Karen Mason

Don't trash your TV. Take charge of it!

At last, a positive approach to America's #1 leisure time activity - TV watching. In a style that combines humor with insight and practicality, authors Dale and Karen Mason first present a wake-up call to parents, and then equip them with a treasure chest of tools that help viewers get the best out of TV, without being battered by the bad!

This "TV survival kit" features humorous and eye-opening stories plus statistics on TV viewing, video usage, etc. Includes little known facts of how TV affects (and can actually enhance!) family communication and spiritual growth. You'll love the Masons' 10 proven ideas of how to reduce and/or improve TV-time, and their helpful reproducible forms which "jump start" your journey to better media management. A huge section of TV Alternatives unify today's fragmented families, and over 200 candid video reviews of family-friendly videos help parents to know what to watch, and what to watch out for!

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  • Preface
  • Once Upon a Broken Promise (Part I)
  • How TV Affects Communication and Closeness (Part II)
  • Seven Shocking Reasons to Watch What Kids Watch! (chapter 5)
  • Using This Book for Group Study (Appendix B)

    "How to Get the Best Out of TV…"
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  • 272 pages

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